World Series: Phillies vs. Astros: Does the best team win?

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Philies vs. Astros

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The 2022 World Series will compete between the mighty Houston Astros and the amazing Philadelphia Phillies. Although Houston won another 19 games in the regular season, the blow isn’t all that easy to predict.

  • Does the Astros have a more complete team? Answer Yes.
  • Do Astros have more depth in the mound? Answer Yes.
  • Do the Astros have a better defense than the Phillies? Answer Yes.
  • Could the series end with four games in the Astros’ favor? Answer Yes.
  • Can the Phillies upset and beat the Astros? Answer Yes!

Of course, in a long best-of-seven series, a team’s weaknesses often come to light. So it’s quite possible that the Phillies defense or even the midgame relief will collapse, leaving the doors wide open for the Astros.

Statistically, Houston has the better team. But the Phillies have an immeasurable feature that no advanced statistics can tell or influence us. It’s hard to find the right word to describe this phenomenon, but one thing is for sure, it’s in their demeanor and powerful!

You may have experienced it personally, but when a sport or work team rows in the same direction and puts in all the effort without compromise, excuses, or selfishness, it can have miraculous results. This philosophy seems to be more on display in the world of sports, where a city and hundreds of thousands of fans have your back unconditionally. All this energy is felt even in the hands of the batter holding the bat and the thrower holding the ball.

Bryce Harper has been on a mission since the start of the playoffs, and his home run against the San Diego Padres in the eighth inning to put the Phillies ahead was something magical. Hitting the ball so hard the moment it hit, with the sticks and all the spectators standing, was unreal during the kick. Harper is impressive on the court, but equally impressive off the field. He said all the fans with the Phillies logo are family. And if you are a family, you feel that energy as much as the players, and together the family will get the job done! Harper understood his role. He understood the role of a professional athlete and leader.

As such, the Phillies are on a mission to surprise the baseball world and win the World Series against the Astros. It will definitely take more than energy and desire to win. My life philosophy that my Canadian junior coach shared with me at the age of 17 is this: “You should always use your strengths on the field as in life! By using them, you will be noticed and more successful than just focusing on your weaknesses. »

Shooting for the Phillies! From Kyle Schwarber to Rhys Hoskin, Harper, Nick Castellanos, JT Realmuto, Juan Segura, Brandon Marsh, Alec Bohm and Bryson Stott, the Phillies can and will score lots of points. This challenge will be daunting against the Astros pitchers, but it’s certainly not impossible.

Another power to exploit is the power of the first three starters. Zach Wheeler and Aaron Nola are excellent and Ranger Suarez is solid. The wiggle room isn’t huge, but with convincing starts from this triple pitcher combined on offense, it’s not impossible for the Phillies to win one of their two games in Houston and two of their three games in Philadelphia, and find themselves leading 3-2 in the series. For Game 6 in Houston.

The Astros have yet to lose a game in the 2022 playoffs, but Jose Altuve and Kyle Tucker have done nothing offensively so far. It may seem alarming to the Phillies’ pitchers because at some point it will be unlocked. But the Phillies’ offense is still outstanding. What Philadelphia has to do is limit the number of mistakes to avoid the big run in the Astros.

At the end of the game, the Phillies can shine there too. Seranthony Dominguez and Jose Alvarado are excellent. I’m not the biggest fan of David Robertson but he’s still a seasoned savior.

There are also managers. Who wouldn’t want Dusty Baker to win a World Series as manager? What about Phillies head Rob Thomson, who completely changed the mood in the locker room and brought in surprisingly effective fresh air?

Logically, the Astros’ depth should allow them to win the title. Alex Bregman and Yuli Gurriel’s playoff experience, Yordan Alvarez arguably the scariest left-back since David Ortiz (although Harper and Schwarber aren’t bad), and what about Jeremy Pena’s appearance? There are six starting pitchers, Justin Verlander, Framber Valdez, Lance McCullers, Luis Garcia, Christian Javier and Jose Urquidy, and an equally dominant sidekick.

But in an age where statistics trump human decisions, I want to act on the energy of the Phillies and their fans. All my playoff predictions were based on baseball logic, and I’m four out of ten so far! I’m driven by team synergy and the mission the Phillies found themselves by winning with their hearts and infectious energy.

Phillies at seven!

I’ll be there with my colleague Alain Usereau. Needless to say, my job as an analyst has been much more stimulating and therefore seeing and observing everything that happens in the field.

Fueled by our usual passion, and possibly the crowd in Houston as well as Philadelphia, we’ll provide you with an analysis and explanation of this series.

Happy World Series!!!

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