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World Cup in Qatar – Case Benzema: “I’m interested in the 24 players there”, says Didier Deschamps

Head coach Didier Deschamps said that Karim Benzema’s condition, who arrived at Reunion Island on Tuesday (November 29th), is not one of the things that “occupies my mind” and that he prefers to “take care of the 24 players there”. World Cup with France team.

According to an AFP reporter, Benzema, who was banned from the World Cup due to an injury in Qatar on the eve of the opening match, arrived in Reunion at around 09:20 on Tuesday morning (6:20 in Paris). In Spain, the player is likely to return to Real Madrid training early. We learned from a relative of the player that the Ballon d’Or 2022 should stay for a week in the Indian Ocean on a private visit. Arrived at Roland-Garros international airport in Sainte-Marie without explanation. In casual clothes and a red cap, he rushed straight into an SUV.

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When asked about the status of Madrilenian, who is still administratively on the Blues’ official roster at the World Cup, Didier Deschamps left the question unanswered. “I’m looking for something there…‘ he answered the question at the press conference he held at the end of the Tunisia-France first round matches on Wednesday. These are not the things that occupy my mind, I do not know who says what, where and how.” “I spoke to Karim after he left, you know his condition and the time it takes to recover. I’m taking care of the 24 players there. If you want to talk about it, I’ll leave it to you.” , imagine. I will not comment on things that do not concern our daily life.”added.

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Benzema withdrew on November 19 after suffering a thigh injury in training. Recovery time was estimated by the French Federation as three weeks. The Madrid player, who was not replaced by Deschamps, is still on the Blues’ official roster at the World Cup. In the first two matches, his name was included on the score sheet with the phrase “no”.

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Requested by AFP, Fifa stated that in the event of a coronation they would award each player a medal and Benzema would “qualify” one of them, but the decision to see him as world champion eventually fell back on the French. vote.

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