Wimbledon / Serena Williams lose to Harmony Tan: “I didn’t train for 3-hour matches…”

Serena Williams didn’t come to Wimbledon to make up the points. Not the American’s type, even if he’s back on the English court after a year of absence. She didn’t go well. The 40-year-old player, who fell to 1204th place in the WTA ranking, lost to French woman Harmony Tan after a tough match that lasted 3:11 (7-5, 1-6, 7-6).

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The length of the meeting is what cost Williams dearly when it comes to preventing the 115th player in the world from fulfilling his dream. “I didn’t train for three-hour matches…he said after his defeat. At key points in the match, you must always be mentally prepared to win them. I did pretty well on one or two of these points, but frankly, it wasn’t enough.

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His prolonged absence largely explains his difficulty in traveling the distance. Returning to Eastbourne in the doubles tournament just last week, Serena Williams just didn’t have the rhythm for this kind of fight. “You always gain some efficiency by playing a week out of two weeks, three weeks, or even four weeks.he explained. That said, I think I played some key points pretty well. Not all, but some yes. There are definitely places where I can do better. You have to tell yourself that if I had played the match, I wouldn’t have missed some of these points or lost the game.

The American is not defeated for all this. He also completely rejected the idea of ​​seeing his adventure at Wimbledon come to an end with this defeat. “Of course not! Definitely not !” he insisted, thus hinting that he will be on the London turf next year. In the meantime, he will work to regain his level and in that perspective he plans to participate in the US Open.”The US Open is where I won my first Grand Slam title, very specialsaid. I am definitely very motivated to improve myself and play at homeSee you in New York then.

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