Victor Perez: “Still a good season”

Victor Perez: “Still a good season”
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“Career best card (-6) in the DP World Tour final, no bogey in this final round. What worked better than the previous days?
I wanted to have a good day, end the year on a good note, and I did it. I hit the ball very well, only missed a green at 3. Combined by taking the Par 5s in two, except for the 14th, which means we got through the day without much sweat.

What is your assessment for this season?
Victory (At the Dutch Open in June)remains the best moment of the season. That was one of my goals at the beginning of the season. after 2019 (First victory on the Tour at Dunhill Links)The calendar for 2020 and 2021 has not been easy with two Covid years. When I went to play in the United States, I realized a lot of things… This year I focused on the European Tour and really wanted to reclaim my chance to do it on Down. I don’t know how long I will finish (around Top 20 according to forecasts) but it’s still a good season at the level I think I have. It’s up to me to keep working because while I’m happy with my season, I still have a lot of work to do.

“I don’t plan to play until Abu Dhabi, so it’s a seven-week hiatus where we have time to work but finally we come back without playing a minute as we say in other sports.”

What are your goals for the next season?
I think they’ve become clear for all European players with the Ryder Cup and then the Olympic Games in Rome at the end of the year. This means huge deadlines for the French because the Games are in Paris. Plus one season, plus Europe’s Top 10 (will now provide access to the PGA Tour) : the goals are pretty clear. Then it will be about trying to improve in what part of the game, personally, with my team, in which part of the game we can earn a little. Every now and then you try to earn points, even if it is one-tenth.

The Hero Cup (formerly the Seve Trophy) will take on a continental team against the British in January, we’re guessing you’re hoping to be there…
They will announce the team in the coming days. I think it would be an ideal start to the season. I don’t plan on playing until Abu Dhabi, so that’s a seven-week break where we have time to study but eventually we come back without playing a minute as we say in other sports. Therefore, it would be perfect to prepare the two Rolex Series still, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, to start the year. I think I had a good season to compete in this Hero Cup.

“We’re coming to the end of the season, everyone has a little glitch here and there. Now it’s time to do the physical work and improve a few areas of the game.”

How long will you go without touching the club?
I do not know yet. I’m going to New York, the United States, this evening to see my physical preparation for a week and make an assessment for the end of the year. All my staff will be there, we will have time to put everything back together, schedule 2023 well, do all the physical tests, golf, bio-mechanics because I just got out of two tournaments and the body is ready. still in golf mode.

When this is over and our minds are clear and we know how the season will go, I will try to rest at home because even though it’s seven weeks, it’s Christmas, 1 of the year plus one week in New York. It will pass very quickly. It will still be necessary to find two large blocks to prepare physically. We’re coming to the end of the season, everyone has a flaw here and there. Now is the time to do the physical work and improve some areas of the game because mid-January will be very fast.

Where will you prepare for the next season?
Probably in Spain because the weather is not so good at home right now (Lives in Scotland). We are fortunate to have excellent facilities in the south that allow me to prepare in good conditions. I’ll probably go from Malaga to Abu Dhabi. »

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