US Open – Women’s Singles – Elena Rybakina: “Sad because I don’t feel like a winner of Wimbledon”

Things have changed for Elena Rybakina since she won Wimbledon last month. But not necessarily what you imagine. The main innovation is a… tattoo. And it’s not she who’s wearing it, it’s her coach. Stefano Vukov kept his word by leaving an indelible mark on his skin. It bears the name of the player. “I can’t believe you didThe sweater smiles. It’s kind of crazy for me because I don’t have a tattoo. I say respect

A far bet that he almost forgot. But not his teacher. “He was in Dubai a few years ago.says. I was going to be 200th in the world, I played the tournament there, we laughed and joked. At one point he said, ‘Okay, I’ll get your name tattooed the day you win Wimbledon. ‘Are you really going to do this?’ ‘Yeah yeah.’ He even has a video on Instagram, I shot the scene. So now it happened, had to

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I should be second in the race

But the new queen of the All England Club would like things to change. Seven weeks after the most important success of his career, he still can’t digest the fact that he was missing the 2000 points that should have accompanied his victory. Like the ATP, the WTA has decided not to award points this year. A response to the organizers’ decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players.

Elena Rybakyna should have hit a jackpot that could push her far higher in the world rankings. And if he doesn’t mix the cherry with the cake (“I know the most important thing is to win‘ he says), yet feels cheated by not taking advantage of this subsidiary advantage.It was my dream to win Wimbledon. It’s sad because I don’t really feel like the winner of Wimbledon

The results are not unbiased. “I should be second in the race“, Rybakina recalls. He should also be comfortably placed in the top 10 of the WTA benchmarks rather than being ranked 25th.”This is not fair. Of course, there is nothing to be done about it, it is a decision made beforehand.

Elena Rybakina

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A source of motivation in New York

According to him, the fact that his standing in the standings has not changed is straining the organizers, who treat him not as a Grand Slam winner, but as the 25th in the world. “I’ll give you an example: I met a major champion Muguruza at a tournament (in Cincinnati, editor’s note) and we played on court 4. I don’t find it fair either. We do not have the same privileges as in the Top 10 or Top 20. And I’m not just talking about myself. In the end, the players pay the price for all these decisions.

Elena Rybakina agrees, she is not necessarily the worst. And the Kazakh, not to mention players who rank much lower than him, lack points at Wimbledon and always have to pass the necessary qualifications to integrate the big tables when they no longer have to. “Something has to change, I think there is a lot to improve on the track.“He also believes that he begs for more dialogue with the main stakeholders, namely the players.

Since her title in London, Rybakina has shone moderately. Even if he found the colors by an entry defeat at San José, then reaching the quarterfinals at Toronto in the second round, then Cincinnati. Will the mood of the final Grand Slam of the season be enough to remind you that, whatever the standings, yes, she entered the women’s circle with a major title? In any case, he swears, all this “a source of motivation

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