US Open, 1st round – Sensational: Clara Burel presents Wimbledon winner Elena Rybakina

French tennis thanks. Since the start of this US Open, the results of the halftone, tricolor representatives had to be well supported. This came from Clara Burel, one of the great hopes of women’s tennis.

Already recognized at the 3rd round of Roland-Garros 2020, Breton had the biggest success of his career at the Flushing Meadows courts on Tuesday and still hasn’t saved Elena Rybakina from her Wimbledon coronation. . He took just two sets (6-4, 6-4) for the world’s 131st to come out of the qualifiers, putting the Kazakh’s scalp at a far, far away level from where he appeared all round. Club last July.

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burel in wiper mode

Burel wisely built his success, which was not on his own. Due to his first ball, the 21-year-old dominated the controversy when he was able to trade and shoot the ball on his own on the field in addition to the boss of the AELTC. We’ll still need to improve the percentage of firsts: Burel exposed himself to problems with 45% throughout the entire match.

Burel: “This is my greatest victory”

The French woman, who made the first time-out of the match 2-2 in the first set, gained momentum by having to save four time-out points before a match. The Rybakina threat became even clearer at 3-4 when the Grand Slam winner went on time out. Patatas: Step by step he completely broke his commitment. A gift that Burel received with open arms.

Therefore, La Rennaise finished the first act with authorization before going to the winning break in the first game of act two. At the best time, when the monster in front is stunned. He showcased his tactical science and wide range of shooting in this round. No, Burel isn’t hitting the ball, he’s putting it on the field. And he hits both sides well, as evidenced by his match score resulting in a backhand.

A profile of Rybakina, stronger than herself and tactically disorganized when things weren’t going well, suited her game perfectly. Kazakh). Also, sticking to his own lines, he did his own thing from the start.

His three attacks in the game proved that the plan was to switch to wiper mode and nothing more. A very successful tactic from the end of the first set. The remainder of the tournament will face Alison van Uytvanck, who survived the legendary Venus Williams in two sets (6-1, 7-6 (5)). Ideal for continuing your progress. Burel took the train to the top.

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