Unpopular Sergio Garcia finally ‘justifies’ his departure from Wentworth

More than 6 weeks after his sudden and controversial departure from the iconic DP World Tour tournament, Sergio Garcia has finally revealed why he is leaving the BMW PGA Championship after the first round.

Sergio GarciaJoining the Saudi-sponsored tour earlier this year, Billy Horschel and its head DP World Tour, Keith Pelleyduring BMW PGA Championship of the Wentworth The beginning of September left a bitter aftertaste.

In a press conference under high tension, Horschel specifically described the LIV players as hypocrites.

“Pretty simple”Explained in an interview with Sergio Garcia Times. “I didn’t appreciate the way we were treated, and after dedicating more than half of my life to the Tour, it was difficult to mentally coexist and concentrate.”

Clearly the winner Masters 2017 He believes the European Tour owes him…

Robert MacIntyre and I don’t know who else he says I lost my mind and started screaming. Personally, I don’t remember.

the day after the day of mourning Queen Elizabeth II, Garcia had flown without explanation for his withdrawal. He had given 76 cards the day before and had gone to a college football game a few hours later when he arrived in Texas.

He has since been penalized by the DP World Tour and will have to pay a fine for not providing medical justification for his retirement.

Garcia-Herdia controversy

The Spaniard was chosen specifically because he had deprived his fellow countryman and first reserve Alfredo Garcia-Heredia of a spot at the start of this lucrative tournament, which could cost him his right to play in 2023.

Garcia-Heredia, currently 123th on the DP World Tour Rankings, is battling to get into 117 in Portugal this week and retain his pass next season.

“I was playing really well and I was excited to get on the field and get a few points. RyderCup but after the Pelley and Horschel press conferences on Thursday morning, I didn’t feel that way anymore. I felt like I really had nothing to do there. I couldn’t concentrate.” justified himself.

MacIntyre’s fees

Garcia, who scored the most points in 10 games in the Ryder Cup (28.5 points / 25 wins – 13 losses – 7 draws), also denied the allegations that insulting words were poured into the locker room. BMW International Open In June.

Shortly after he was fined £100,000 for participating in his first tournament LIV GolfRobert MacIntyre says that Garcia was very critical of the DP World Tour.

The Scottish tweeted that she instantly lost all respect for someone she adored before.

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about, Guaranteed Garcia. I was frankly upset to see how things were going, but some guys, apparently Robert MacIntyre and I don’t know who else, are saying that I lost my mind and started screaming. Personally, I don’t remember. »

Photo © Giorgio VIERA / AFP

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