Tiger Woods: “I still have a hard time walking”

on your leg

“Rest or work, this is my daily dilemma. It’s a matter of balance. How far should we go before we go too far and go back two or three days? It’s been like this all year. I can play 4, 5, 6, 7 below par as if nothing had happened. I like to play, I like competition. Unfortunately, if I can hit all the shots you want, I still have a lot of trouble walking. »

About the dispute between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour

“I did not expect the world of golf to undergo such a radical change this year. A year ago, I didn’t think we would come to this much hostility on both sides. I didn’t like how some LIV players looked down on or disrespected the Tour that helped them get to this point. Some were clearer about the reasons for leaving – namely money – while others I found a bit distasteful. In their current format, the two circuits cannot coexist. If the prosecutionAgainst LIV’s PGA Tour for violating antitrust law) is suspended, there can be a positive outcome. While we believe that the two sides can come together and find a solution, first Greg (Norman, LIV boss) to walk away. So finally, with some luck, we can take a break between two attempts (scheduled for February) and come up with a solution. Then we can all speak freely. »

About Rory McIlroy

“What Rory says and does is what leaders do. She’s a real leader on the circuit. She can say what she says in public, speaks so clearly and beautifully and even wins golf tournaments? People have no idea how hard it is to separate these two things. But “He’s been great. He’s a great leader in the conversations we’ve had, and he’s a great leader with all the players here. Everyone respects him and respects him, not just for the way he hits the ball, but also for the person he is.”

“I don’t have much left on my leg, but I want to give myself a chance to come back…”

in the world ranking

“Bad system. Dubai area (DP World Tour Championship won by Jon Rahm) from the PNC Championship (PGA Tour event) While there are more top players in Dubai, there is obviously a problem. It has changed in the past and I’m sure it will change again, I hope so. »

about his future

“I love this sport. I’ve practiced it almost my entire life. I’ve been pro for more than half my life. The next year is just to play in the Majors and maybe play one or two more tournaments. That’s it. That’s all I can do physically. I told you at the beginning of the year that I said I didn’t have much left in my leg (Multiple fractures in a horrific traffic accident in February 2021), but I also want to give myself a chance to come back… I didn’t expect to be in three Majors this year. I was only thinking of playing at the British Open but I managed to play two more. That was a big positive! So I will prepare for the Majors and hopefully compete for a chance to win. »

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