terebonne | Initial purchase offer of 11 million for a former golf course

After protecting nine golf courses from real estate development, the Metropolitan Community of Montreal (CMM) announced on Thursday that it has submitted an initial $11 million buyout offer to the owner of the former Le Boisé golf club in Terrebonne.

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Henri Ouellette-Vezina

Henri Ouellette-Vezina

“This purchase offer once again demonstrates our willingness to take concrete steps to accelerate the ecological transition. […] “We hope this gesture will pave the way for other agreements to increase green spaces and natural environments.”

In June, when it announced Quebec’s approval of its new Temporary Control Regulation (ICR), the organization had restricted real estate development at six golf courses that “require priority attention.” Three more courts have since been added, for a total of nine.

For the time being, golf clubs Beloeil, Candiac, Chambly, Mascouche, Rosemère, Terrebonne, Boucherville, Dorval and Sainte-Rose are protected under the control regulation. Its total area is 474 hectares, or two and a half times the size of Mount Royal Park.

In Terrebonne, the former Le Boisé golf club has been the subject of controversy for several years, with the City publicly announcing its intention to purchase the land to turn it into a natural park. In addition, if the proposal is accepted, 7.5 million of the total 11 million invoice will be undertaken by the municipal administration.

11 days delay

Les Immeubles des Moulins Inc, the owner of the land, will now have 11 days, by November 21, to respond to this offer. In the absence of an agreement, the CMM confirms that it can “take advantage of the public land reserve”, the establishment of which was approved by the board of directors on Thursday.

In the past, the company had refused to sell its land for public purposes. The controversy over the old golf course’s increased real estate valuation—and thus paying its taxes—also went to court.

However, with an area of ​​around 70 hectares, the golf course has “high potential for renaturation,” according to CMM. “About 60% of the land is eligible for the financial aid program of Greater Montreal’s Green and Blue Infrastructure because of its natural features, particularly the presence of a canopy over 51% of this area,” reminds the Metropolitan Community. that the site is located “in the forest corridor of the Grand Coteau, an area of ​​great ecological value”.

Terrebonne Mayor Mathieu Traversy reiterated on Thursday that the city’s goal “has always been to preserve the existing zoning of Le Boisé golf course”. This land “represents an important green space for our city and in the face of the many environmental challenges we face: climate change, heat islands, greenhouse gases, deforestation, air pollution,” the elect insisted.

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  • 100 million
    In October, two days after the provincial elections, the CMM had requested 100 million over five years in Quebec to help municipalities buy nine protected golf courses. Concretely, RCI has the effect of preventing any subdivision projects on these golf courses until the CMM submits its revised Metropolitan Development and Urban Plan (PMAD) by 2025 at the latest.


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