Tennis: Wimbledon, US Open… Big regrets of the Nadal clan


Tennis: Wimbledon, US Open… Big regrets of the Nadal clan

Released on October 5, 2022 00:35

Rafael Nadal, champion at the Australian Open and Roland-Garros, was on his way to the Grand Slam. However, the Spaniard had to say goodbye to it due to some physical problems at Wimbledon and the US Open. Toni Nadal also regrets this despite the results his nephew has achieved this season.

after winningAustralian Open and Roland Garros, Raphael Nadal He’s been on his way to making history ever since he left to lead. Grand Slam (which has not been done since Rod Laver in 1969). with full confidence WimbledonThe Spaniard was a strong contender for the championship. However, on the way to the semi-finals, Rafael Nadal had to be forfeited due to a tear in his stomach. alsoUS OpenThe 36-year-old player also had some physical issues, which definitely caused him to lose. Frances Tiafoe in the 16th round.

“This season could have been extraordinary”

in an interview for brand, Tony Nadalhis uncle on the shelfDespite the good results, he admits he was disappointed with the turn of the Spaniards’ season: I spoke to him today (Tuesday) and he is fine now. It is true that he had a difficult year. This season could have been great, but it has been marred by the constant problems it faces. The results were good as it won Australia and Roland Garros, but you leave with a bitter taste in your mouth. »

“What an athlete wants first and foremost is to be good and play well”

current coach Felix Auger Aliassime then continued:Although he played well at Wimbledon and was an obvious title contender, he couldn’t make it to the semi-finals, and he had problems in New York. What an athlete wants above all else is to be good, play well and win at the same time. My nephew won, but sometimes he had more problems than you could handle.” Again, Raphael Nadal He’s going to have a great season, two championship winners Grand Slam. But then given the form it shows Roland GarrosWe think the Spaniard can go further without his physical problems.

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