Tennis: US Open, Wimbledon … tremendous punchline of the Djokovic clan

Tennis: US Open, Wimbledon … tremendous punchline of the Djokovic clan
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Tennis: US Open, Wimbledon … tremendous punchline of the Djokovic clan

Released on 11 November 2022 08:35

Novak Djokovic, who was banned from Australia and America this year for not having a Covid-19 vaccine, missed the Australian Open and the US Open. The scenario could repeat itself in 2023. Serb’s father regrets the illogicality of these decisions and did not neglect to throw a good punch at the subject.

This season, Novak Djokovic missed two major tournaments. First, Serbs were banned from entering Australia.Australian Open Due to lack of visa in January. The 35-year-old actress, who was unvaccinated against the coronavirus, had to go back and see it today. Raphael Nadal won his 21st tournament Grand Slam. the scenario repeated itselfUS Open 29 August. Still not vaccinated Novak Djokovic He could not penetrate American soil, thus his victory carlos alcaraz. Again, no discussion allowed Wimbledon a few weeks ago and even crowned.

Novak probably showed them he’s the best at Wimbledon

Therefore his father Novak Djokovic He really doesn’t understand why his son wasn’t allowed to enter the competition.US Open. ” How they let him play in London when they didn’t let him play in Melbourne and New York is a mystery to me. I do not know. Novak probably showed them he was the best at Wimbledon, so they kept him from going to New York.“so let go Srdjan Djokovic In the microphone of the Serbian channel K1 .

“I want to play in Australia”

To wait, Novak Djokovic sticks to its principles. There is no Covid-19 vaccine yet. Therefore, history can repeat itself throughout history.Australian Open next January. Its involvement is very uncertain. “I am waiting for news that the three-year ban imposed on me at the beginning of the year will be lifted. When it is removed, it will be necessary to apply for a visa. This is a two-stage process. I hope this happens. I want to play in Australia. Regardless, I’ll make a decision in the next few months.“Still, he announced Novak Djokovic a few weeks ago.

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