Tennis: Roger Federer’s incredible tribute to Rafael Nadal


Tennis: Federer’s incredible tribute to Nadal

Posted by Thibault Morlain on September 28, 2022, 20:35

Roger Federer didn’t want to take it before he went to the tennis court one last time. So Switzerland offered him one last match during the Laver Cup, after which he played doubles with Rafael Nadal. An incredible couple, they were best enemies for years. Federer also explained the behind the scenes of this historical union.

Whereas Roger Federer had not entered the competition since Wimbledon 2021, Switzerland finally back wash bowl. And what a comeback as this was his last game. Indeed, a few days before the meeting, the former world number 1 had dropped a bombshell announcing that he was retiring and will take effect from now on. wash bowl. Federer so he offered a Last Dance and Nadal was next to Rafael Nadal, with whom he had formed a duo for his final match.

“I will never forget what you did for me in London”

After becoming tennis’s best enemies, Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal therefore they found themselves partners for a match, Switzerland’s last. And during an interview New York Times, Federer revealed how this duo came to be nadal for wash bowl. ” I I called him to let him know I’m retiring after the US Open. ‘I’ll let you know,’ I said. Tell me how things are going at home. And we talk again “He dropped the old world number 1 first. To which the Spaniard immediately replied: I’ll do everything I can to be by your side “.

It shows once again how important we are to each other and how much we respect each other. I think it turned out even better than I imagined. Rafa has made an incredible effort and of course I will never forget what he did for me in London. “, Additional Roger Federer about Raphael Nadal.

“A secret thank you”

Moreover, an image of this meeting will remain in history: a place where we can see it. Roger Federer crying next to you Raphael Nadal, also sadder than ever. Returning to this moment, the Swiss later explained: I just touched it and I guess it was a secret, thank you. (…) I hope I have photos because they mean a lot to me “.

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