TABLE TENNIS – Mathieu De Saintilan: “Quite a logical victory”

The Amiens STT National Open returned last Saturday after a mandatory 2-year hiatus. Review with the club’s vice-president and winner of the F series.

After a two-year hiatus due to the health crisis, Amiens Sports Table Tennis celebrated the return of its national tournament this weekend. With over 120 players and 20 tables, the club has been a success this Saturday despite the heatwave. The show was of good quality and the atmosphere at the meet. Arnaud’s DealerASTT vice president “We were very pleased with the organisation, we hosted players from all over France, mainly Hauts-de-France and Ile-de-France. » Thanks to an embedded Labaume room, the players emphasized that the temperature is sustainable. despite the oven – and 36° in the shade as stated by Météo France – no health problems were to be upsetting, neither “rejoice” most Vice President.

There were many players in this tournament.ASTT entered, but none made it to the end of the series. Arnaud’s Dealer welcomed A tournament is “all equally high but the goal was elsewhere, to have a good organisation, also to put money into the club’s coffers beyond the sporting aspect. » of the many volunteers It’s activated throughout the day at referee level, score, and even the beverage bar. Arnaud Sellier experienced the tournament that has been canceled for two years. “It’s a pleasure to remake this tournament with the people in the room and the financial shares for the club. »

No surprise winner

In terms of results, he received the rank of Mathieu De Saintilan, who is considered an excellent defender from the Pontault-Combault club (Seine-et-Marne).“I am very happy that I won, I came with the goal of playing good matches before the French championships. There were no big players added. A very logical victory. »

The Ile-de-France actress is also a regular: “I’ve been coming for a few years, I like to do tournaments in general. I love this place, the game conditions are pleasant, well organized. »

The Seine-et-Marnais table tennis player is therefore favorite and best defender status France with the championship approach of France. “To be honest, there were no big opponents, I think I did not even play the number one opponent. And we will see in the championship of France, I will try to be good. »

Theo Guercif

Photo credit: Léandre Leber – Gazette Sports

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