Strong support of the Minister of Sports to Pascal Grizot and the French Golf Federation

Pascal Grizot received strong support when Amélie Oudéa-Castera spoke in the presence of several representatives of the decision-making bodies at the World Amateur Championships dinner, in the presence of Prince Albert of Monaco, the day after a lengthy press release for practitioners was released. and many federation presidents.

After a talk in which he discussed the challenges of the climate crisis for the future of golf, Pascal Grizot In recent weeks, he has once again declared that he needs to raise his voice against “unjust attacks” and break down prejudice in order to vigorously defend golf in the media and on the nets.

Making the ecological transition a pillar of his mandate, the Federation President reminded that policies to encourage more virtuous practices in the Federation are not new. Determined to accelerate efforts in this area, Grizot urged public authorities to change the legal framework, particularly regarding water management and wastewater use.

Ban and don’t just ban to better balance this balance between the generous protection of the environment and the need to keep the app alive

Amelie Oudea-Castera

A distinguished guest with the new Prince Albert Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera On the other hand, how much we have spoken at the highest level of the state, we have underlined that we are very active in protecting its sector, sensitive to the arguments of the president of ffgolf.

“We have to show ingenuity to deal with this climate change. There is a challenge in recycling wastewater and rainwater. Ban and don’t just ban to better balance this balance between generously protecting the environment and the need to keep the app alive. Today, 70 golf courses are without water, 15 golf courses had to be closed, 5 courses were destroyed, but golf is a value creation in France worth 1.5 billion euros and supporting 15,000 people. Numbers ticking me Minister, a former professional tennis player, started.

“There are many similarities with tennis. Like Tennis, Golf is perceived as an elitist discipline and this necessitates doing more.

Sports as medicine

Oudéa-Castéra wanted to appreciate the virtues of the sport before an audience of amateur golf representatives. According to the Minister, our modern societies need sport more than ever as a festive space, but also to recharge one’s batteries.

“Sports can be a solution for our youth, for our health, to fight against a sedentary lifestyle. I also think about integration through sports. In order to make a more positive impact on our young people who need benchmarks, they are stuck on screens with the need to find a framework that sports can bring.

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