Spotlight on the Houston Astros, winners of the World Series

Spotlight on the Houston Astros, winners of the World Series
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Spotlight on the Houston Astros, winners of the World Series


The Houston franchise was founded in 1962, nearly 90 years after teams like the Cubs or the Braves. At first they were called Colt 45s. But in 1965 the team became the Astros. It will be compared to NASA, located in the same city, and the Astrodome, a magnificent indoor enclosure that was born the same year and will be referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” It is the first sports arena of US sports.

But the Astros don’t respect their playing fields. When they played the World Series for the first time, it was 2005 and they changed stadiums. Houston slapped the Chicago White Sox (4-0) in the final and failed to recover. We won’t see him again in the playoffs until ten years later. This is the beginning of the Jose Altuve generation who will win the World Series in 2017, a first in franchise history (4-3 against the Los Angeles Dodgers). However, two years later, we must have been disappointed.

A deception event ensues: Astros spy on their opponents and decipher secret codes that pitchers and catchers use between them. The scandal is huge. In form, the Texan team is doing well with a fine and some penalties within their administration. But basically, the title was tarnished forever and the team was hated across the country. As such, satisfaction reigns when Houston loses in the finals in 2019 and then in 2021.


Two launchers first. nolan ryan He is an MLB legend. He played there for 27 years and is a strike record holder (over 5,700). Ryan played for Houston from 1980 to 1988, becoming a two-time All-Star and helping the team reach the playoffs three times.

mike scott, he was an average shooter. But in 1986 he exalted himself. Scott didn’t have a hitter in the game that qualified the Astros for the playoffs. Houston lost in the National League final, but Mike Scott was still named the series’ MVP, after which he won the best shooter of the year.

When the Texans made it to the World Series in 2005, they had two amazing batsmen in their ranks. Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio, who played at first and second bases. Bagwell was the first Astros player to be named MVP (in 1994). Both are now Hall of Fame members.

Justin Verlander, Houston and MLB star and 2022 World Series winner (E. Hartline/USA Today Sports/Reuters)

2022 season

The Houston Astros, who have been accustomed to playoffs and finals for several years, have kept their place. They finished with the second best record of MLB’s 30 teams (106 wins in 162 games). Then, in the final stage, the Texans dismissed Seattle and the NY Yankees without losing a game. And in the World Series, they defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in six games, including a successful hit from several pitchers in Game 4.

Jeremy Pena, the young Dominican shorthand (25), who played only his first MLB season, was named Finals MVP. He will also compete for the title of best rookie of the year. This season, Houston has also been able to count on Jose Altuve, yordan alvarez, Alex Bregman, Kyle Tucker and Yuli Gurrielpowerful drummers.

Besides the initiators, Justin VerlanderThe future Hall of Fame member has had a fantastic season and should be named the best shooter of the year. He finally beat a curse during the World Series and won a match. This had never happened to him, despite making it to five other finals. Framber Valdez He was another talented pitcher for the Astros.

And the championship won last Saturday was the first for the coach dusty bakerAt age 73, he spent 25 as the head coach of an MLB team. He took every right he took to the playoffs. The only thing missing was the World Series. Ok. Now a new challenge for the Texan team: defending the title. We’re not wasting time in the United States: The Astros have already been announced among the favorites for the 2023 season.

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