Sooners suffer 30 years of disappointment at Phog

Sooners suffer 30 years of disappointment at Phog
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Sooners suffer 30 years of disappointment at Phog

Oklahoma head coach Porter Moser He remembers his first trip to Allen Fieldhouse to play for Kansas. He was an assistant coach for Texas A&M in the first year of the Big 12.

Then KU coach Roy Williams was nice to the Aggies team, recommending a great Italian restaurant the day before. Then he started punching A&M on the field.

Welcome to Big 12 for A&M head coach Tony Barone, Moser, and the rest of the team.

Everyone remembers their first trip. What OU fans will want to remember is a victory. This hasn’t happened in 30 years. Technically it’s 29 years 11 months, but you got it. OU last won 80-77 in February 1993.

No one thought he’d be a little behind 30 years at KU, but that was the reality for the Sooners (10-5, 1-2 Big 12 overall).

Another chance to finish the streak on Tuesday night.

Senior “Fun place to play” Jalen Hill I said. “I think we all know, everyone knows. It’s probably one of the loudest places anyone can play because it’s not a very big place to play. It’s small and the fans are rowdy. It’s really a great place to play. That’s it. It’s just loud.

“I think I already knew when I was growing up. I watched a lot of Kansas basketball. And when I got there, I was in a bit of awe because you’ve seen it your whole life and it’s been there. It’s like there are 50,000 people. But it’s just a crazy environment.”

Hill isn’t wrong about the frenetic setting, but funny enough, Hill has been a member of several OU teams that have come very close to breaking their streak.

Playing without Hill in 2021 and Brady Manek Due to COVID-19, the drone Sooners were ahead 57-56 with two minutes left before losing 63-59.

Last year Jordan Goldwire to show. He tried to lead OU to a comeback win, but fell short on his jumper and sent the game into overtime in a 71-69 loss.

everyone remembers Buddy Hield the game. 46 points, three overtimes and a 109-106 win for the Jayhawks.

Moser said it was best not to be in this game last week, but it will be pretty tough against the second-placed Jayhawks.

“You play in full gyms, but sometimes 18-20,000 isn’t full. They go on and they’re right above you. They are really noisy. All we really talk about is communication.

“Another thing we talked about is, when that crowd is gone, have some good stuff. The crowd is trying to get you to speed up and drop the ball or speed up and take a bad shot. Those bad hits just flow and the bad stuff pours out, even one decibel higher. When the crowd goes crazy. “There will be points in the game. That’s when we need to have a great ball, not go down and have a soft and scary ball against the ball. You have to lock in when the crowd gets louder.”

KU won the national championship last year, and OU lost two games to Bill Self’s club by five points. Those who are near will not be intimidated.

After two losses with a total of four points to start the conference game, OU took the lead in an overtime win at Texas Tech on Saturday night, feeling that Hill wouldn’t let the Sooners drop another close rivalry.

A road win in the books. And if the Sooners can win another one in Lawrence, it’s a shot at history.


“I’m going to share with you a funny story about Jalen. He is a very good boy. I got him pretty upset, I got along pretty well with him in the Florida game. He had made a few mistakes and almost got angry with me. I remember her father saying to me, ‘Jalen is a very good boy. Sometimes you have to piss him off.’ So I’m fine. I’m listening to his father

“It was a sequence from the Florida game and I took it off. I blamed him pretty hard. He came back and got an offensive rebound, all the Florida guys were there, and he took the ball and he deposited it. And he just had that look in his eyes. I thought he missed the three rabbit layups in the first half. I thought, so as I was leaving I said, ‘Jalen, you have to do those turnstiles.’ He says, ‘Coach, there was only one.’ I said, ‘I don’t know what it is, I’m just trying to piss you off.’ “He’s just such a leader and key person for us.” – Moser on Jalen Hill

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