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Yastremska* 2-6, 1-1 Raducanu (* indicates next server)

Yastremska here at 30-30 p.m., with two spicy winners. Radders stumbles on the next rally and says, ‘Come on!’ he shouts. while winning a hard-fighting, hard-hitting rally. Both of these players seem to have a lot of tools, but not a lot of confidence. Raducan holds.


Yastremska 2-6, 1-0 Raducanu* (* indicates next server)

Yastremska lost 15 sets in a row. 31 minutes in the last set. Still, it’s a good start and on the board without much fuss.


First set Emma Raducanu

61 percent first serve. Two double faults for the ER. He earned 81 percent of the points on his first serve.

For the opponent, only 50 percent of the first serve hits the mark. And these three stuntmen hurt him.

What can he do now, serving at the start of the second set?


Yastremska* 2-6 Raducanu (* indicates next server)

Radders left the set at his mercy at 30-0. Can you turn this off? Nice wide service and Yastremska can’t take it back. There are three set points at 40-0. Yep, that’s solid serve play and 6-2 got the job done.


Yastremska 2-5 Raducanu* (* indicates next server)

The quality is mixed to say the least. With a couple of mistakes adding to their woes, the Ukrainian soon gets into trouble and hits well in a backhand, Raducanu’s two-time-out advantage soon returned. another service to break.


Yastremska* 2-4 Raducanu (* indicates next server)

Guaranteeing a double attack, Raducanu takes his foot off the gas, finds himself behind 40-15 in a short time and loses the match. A to break back.


Yastremska 1-4 Raducanu* (* indicates next server)

Double break chances here at 30-40. But an excellent first serve makes good use of the situation and saves for Yastremska. But not for long – this double break.


Yastremska* 1-3 Raducanu (* indicates next server)

Confident beautiful spot from Raducanu. Moving well on the court and finishing with a hard, accurate volley. Keeps it safe and unhurried.


Yastremska 1-2 Raducanu* (* indicates next server)

At 40-0 the Ukrainian player seems to have achieved this. But a quick knockout and a terribly clumsy shot opened the door. This is double. Let’s serve first. Now a serve to the net. However, a strong second serve in Raducanu’s body wins this spot. But since Yas hit the ball for a long time, let’s get back to the duo. And now he’s hitting someone in the net. The breaking point is Emma Raducanu: and a double mistake gives the game to Emma. To break.


Yastremska* 1-1 Raducanu (* indicates next server)

An effective service hold from Raducanu, whose opponent completed this without scoring.


Yastremska 1-0 Raducanu* (* indicates next server)

Yastremska hits a big ball and here’s a stunning cross-court bat. But he also seems a little low on self-confidence, as befits someone who has lost seven times in a row. Double mistake there. But it keeps the service up to 30.



Amazon commentator Candy Reid says Yastremska has “enormous strength on both flanks.” Very good is the Amazon coverage I found. I mean, there’s definitely plenty if you want to watch tennis.

06:42 am

Dmitry Tursunov

Emma’s new coach. I can’t see it yet, but I’m sure it’s there.



He says he’s happy to be behind target, but still, his rank before today means he’s the top seed.

Raducanu wins and takes the toss.

Yastremska suffered seven defeats in a row.


Players introduced

First appeared Ukrainian Dayana Yastremska. Here is Raducanu.


To create

Looks like a beautiful evening in Slovenia. I guess there were maybe 50 spectators in the courtroom. The DJ avidly plays some rinsing EDM/techno bangers. The crowd does not lose it,


32 players only

coincidentally you are only five wins away from victory in this tournament.

06:19 am

haddad maia

now he’s serving for the second set and the match… and he has indeed pushed the Danish away.

OK then. You, Emma.


We can see some more of Haddad Maia

In this, second-seeded and Emma Raducanu are first-seeded, so they could theoretically meet in the final on September 18.

06:06 PM

Raducanu not yet on the field

Hello, if you are new to us, Emma Raducanu is not yet on the court at the Slovenian Open. First we have to get the result of the match between Denmark’s Tauson and Brazil’s Beatriz Haddad Maia. The second is leading 4-2 and serving.


Emma Raducanu soon on the field

Hello and welcome to our live blog of Emma Raducanu’s first round match at the Zavarovalnica Sava Portoroz tennis event, or Slovenian Open. Raducanu, who, of course, won the US Open brilliantly in 2021, has struggled ever since and is now ranked 83rd in the world rankings. Can he stop the decay with a first-round victory over Ukrainian Dayana Yastremska?

While we wait for the players to take the field after 6 PM, let’s take a look at Raducanu’s latest news.

The Telegraph’s tennis correspondent Simon Briggs said Emma now has more information about experience, ranking points, court skills, etc. One cannot cut short Emma Raducanu’s path to salvation, writes Simon. “The magic of transcending boards on smaller occasions would have earned the respect of his peers in the dressing room, who had so far treated him as a destination.”

The issue of coaching and support team was a question that came up a lot.

Emma Raducanu urged to find stability in coaching regimen and stop ‘tampering’

“I want new experiences. It doesn’t matter what it is. I think any player would be happy to win a tournament. Whatever the level, I think it makes a huge difference.”

Maybe some guidance or inspiration can be taken from the following piece.

She and Andy Murray may team up in a new mixed gender tournament.

What about tonight’s rival? Yastremska, 22 years old from Odessa, takes 89th place in the ranking. He made it to the age of 21 and reached the fourth round at Wimbledon, very obviously without a trophy. We’ll see if Emma can make the show away again after 18:00 UK time, the earliest they can play.

First, they have to wait for the conclusion of the match between Denmark’s Clara Tauson and six-metre Brazilian Beatriz Haddad Maia, as we should all do. The South American won the first set and they’re up 3-0 in the second set so I hope it doesn’t take too long.

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