Shohei Ohtani passed Ichiro and joined Babe Ruth last night

The Angels chose not to trade Shohei Ohtani on the trade deadline. I see it as a mistake because of the way the club works, but at least once in a while the club is talked about for the right reasons.

That’s why he didn’t leave.

For example, Ohtani took the field yesterday. In six hits, he didn’t give up on a earned run and passed the five men in the glove. It was his tenth win for him this season.

First, let’s mention that he has scored 157 goals this year, which is a new personal best in a season. Can it reach the 200 mark?

This is his 10th victory and hitting more than 10 long balls this year has also led him to enter an elite club. The shooter became the second player in history to have a season of at least 10 wins and 10 homers.

Other? Baby Ruth, of course.

However, Ohtani, who was shot in the foot during the match, made his stick talk in the 5-1 victory. He hosted his 118th career, beating Ichiro’s 117th in the Japanese player rankings.

Hideki Matsui (175 home runs) holds the record for most home runs in MLB by a Japanese player, with Ohtani second. But in his fifth year at Ohtani Majors, he said…

Ohtani, who couldn’t finish the game (which upset the Angels fans who left when he replaced Ohtani), also made history with his 25th long ball. How?

As the only player to score at least 150 goals and at least 25 home players for the second consecutive year in a season.

Then a little evening at work.

But still, the Angels are currently 12th in the All-American and you don’t see them when you take a screenshot of the clubs with playoff chances.

For that matter, keep in mind that the Astros, who have this year’s Yankees count, join the Bombardiers at America’s peak.

And remember that the Orioles are knocking on the playoffs…

10th round
  • What a great experience for little players.
  • Some Blue Jays candidates are making their professional debut.

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