Rules in sports: towards the end of white underwear at Wimbledon?

Rules in sports: towards the end of white underwear at Wimbledon?
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This is a highly symbolic step that world tennis has just taken: The organizers of the Wimbledon tournament, the only imposing all-white outfits, must finally put an end to white underwear for the athletes.

TOShe talked about the “trauma” of having to play white during menstruation. It appears that tennis coach Judy Murray’s statement was published in the Scottish newspaper last week. sports mail, finally changed the boundaries of world tennis: the All England Club, the organizer of the Wimbledon tournament in Great Britain, Relax the strict rule on players’ underwear for the next championship scheduled for summer 2023. The shoes, which until now were necessarily white, can now be colored. daily mail.

While many voices have risen against this sexist and outdated tradition, other sports have chosen to be more inclusive. “One of the main problems with the sport of the past was that all clothes were white, no matter what sport. Almost every sport is now colored‘ observed Judy Murray.

Anxiety increasing with the flow of matches

The former Scottish player has repeatedly pointed to cameras targeting the players, and this has been a major concern for some: “If you’re only wearing white and you have a leak while playing, I think there is no longer a traumatic experience. Especially when all matches are televised and broadcastThat’s something to consider.”

A demonstration in this direction was staged ahead of the tournament’s final this summer by the Address Dress Code (“Beware of Regulations”) movement, initiated by tennis player Gabriella Holmes, 26, and football player Holly Gordon. 28. the daily mail Four years ago, Australian star John Millman remembers having to send his father to buy white underwear in an emergency because hiss were colored…

No off-white, no logo, no color

According to National World media, the dress code for the Wimbledon tournament is as follows:

  • Competitors must dressmatching tennis outfit that is almost all white from the moment the player enters the field
  • Does not contain white, off-white or cream
  • There should be no solid mass or painting panels. A monochrome border around the collar and around the sleeves of the sleeves is acceptable. but should not be wider than 1 cm
  • The color of the patterns will be measured. as if it were a solid mass of color and had to be within the 1 cm guide. Logos consisting of differences in material or patterns are not accepted.
  • The back of the shirt, dress, tracksuit or sweater must be all white
  • Shoes should be almost entirely white. The soles and laces must be completely white. Large manufacturer logos are not encouraged.
  • all underwear visible or visible during play (including due to sweating) also must be completely whiteExcept for a monochrome border not exceeding 1 cm
  • Medical supports and equipment should be white if possible, but can be colored if very necessary
  • Shorts, skirts and sweatpants must be all white.excluding monochrome border with a maximum width of 1 cm along the outer seam
  • Kepler (including lower visor), headbands, bandanas, wristbands and socks It must be completely white except for a monochromatic border not exceeding 1 cm.

Criticism heard by the Wimbledon organizing committee daily mail : “prioritizing women’s health and supporting female players It is very important for us to act according to their individual needs and we are in talks with WTA. [Women’s Tennis Association, ndlr]on how to do that with manufacturers and healthcare teams.”

Few women in decision-making bodies

But Judy Murray assures that clothes and technical tools aren’t the only brakes. According to her, another factor needs to be taken into account: the conspicuous lack of women in the governing bodies of world tennis. “It is very important to have a large number of women on decision-making committees, because they understand what it’s like to have menstrual cycles and they understand the fear of experiencing their full period“.

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However, players will still need to wear white outfits. This summer, actress Alicia Barnett also spoke out against this special precautionary measure at the English tournament:I got my period in the pre-qualifiers and the first days were very heavy.I was a little stressed about it,” he told The Independent. “I think it’s hard enough to tour, but it’s not easy to wear white on it either.”

“I would like to be a man in court”

If the obligation to wear white uniforms is special, other female athletes cannot get rid of the negligence of the federations during their menstrual period. This is the case with French and English footballers who benefited from the media coverage of the women’s Euro 2022 and asked their equipment suppliers Nike to react: “It’s great to have an all-white team, but not necessarily appropriate when we have our period“, for example, condemned the England team’s attacker, Beth Mead, in court. Telegram. “We try to manage as much as we can”

Consideration of the rules in sports, far from being limited to the issue of clothing, is essential to better understand the impact of the menstrual cycle on the game, whatever it may be, and to break the taboos. According to a global study conducted last May, one in two teenage girls today quits sports because of their period. Otherwise, Half of female athletes are uncomfortable using sanitary napkins or tampons during physical activities. “I would like to be a man on the court,” said Chinese player Zheng Qinwen after losing in the first week of his period at Roland Garros this summer.

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