Rory McIlroy feels ‘betrayed’ by some former Ryder Cup teammates going to LIV Golf

in a long interview with GuardianRory McIlroy clearly did not appreciate the “betrayal” of some of his closest Ryder Cup teammates who went into exile at the opposition Tour LIV Golf, which was backed by millions of dollars by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) from Saudi Arabia. Attention, it sucks!

Become world number 1 again by winning the CJ Cup (PGA Tour) this Sunday, Rory McIlroyIt was underlined in an interview that more than ever the standard bearer of European golf on American soil is. Guardian very strong resentment towards some of his former teammates RyderCup who decided to join the opposition union supported by public investment fund (PIF) Saudi Arabia.

Northern Irish so Ian Poulter, Sergio Garcia, Lee Westwood and Graeme McDowell of” devastating. »

There was a great opportunity for GMac (Graeme McDowell) to be captain of Adare in 2027. Much of Sergio’s (Garcia) legacy goes back to the Ryder Cup as it has for Poulter, Westwood…

Rory McIlroy

I think for the first time in my life I feel betrayed in some way.Regret. This is a foreign feeling to me. You build relationships with people, especially thanks to the Ryder Cup, but not only. What did they do (Join LIV Golf) will prevent them from being a part of it again (of the European team). There was a big opportunity for GMac (Graeme McDowell) maybe to be captain in Adare (Eire) in 2027. Much of Sergio’s legacy (Garcia) Based on the Ryder Cup (absolute record holder in this competition with 28.5 points), as well as for Poulter, Westwood… »

I would like to think that the Ryder Cup is as important to them as it is to me.he continues. Maybe yes. But I could never have made that decision, knowing what the consequences would be. (For LIV Golf to play). Not 100% sure yet, but it could be. (Expulsion from the European Ryder Cup team). I thought they felt like me. »

If people felt that they were so wronged by certain things, I would rather go out and try to make these changes inside their organizations rather than be disruptive.

Rory McIlroy

So yes, I started playing in Europe before I went to America, but I always supported the system in adds. If people felt they were so wronged by certain things, I would rather go out and try to make these changes in-house than be disruptive. »

In this rich interview, Rory McIlroy discusses currently LIV Golf and P.GA Tower and to a lesser degree for now, DP World Tour. ” If both entities continue in this direction, it will only get worse. If so, we will sport a broken one for a long time. And it’s not good for anyone ‘ warns Australian before scratching as he passes by Greg NormanLIV Golf Director.

He found people to finance his revenge against the PGA Tourhe concludes. I think he’s hiding behind “this power for good and all that…” Although it has been a dream for 30 years. There, he finally found the people who could finance this dream! »


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