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The most vocal against LIV players, Rory McIlroy wants the two sides to meet around a table today to discuss the best way to narrow the gap between historic circuits and the new league.

The Northern Irishman, who was in St Andrews for the Links Championship, which was fought in 3 courses in the region, including Kingsbarns, Carnoustie and the legendary Old Course of Saint Andrews, announced that it was time for the tension to subside.

“I can only say that the ball is in their court. If they want to come to the negotiating table and try to play by the rules of the game, that’s possible.

give time

Given the legal actions taken against the two historic circuits, PGA Tour and DP World TourBut “peace talks” by opposition players seem unlikely to happen anytime soon.

“Right now, with two trials going on and things are getting worse, I guess we just have to wait for it to cool down a bit.” said McIlroy, admitting that he sometimes uses pretty strong words to express his point of view.

“I’ve probably said things that were a little too provocative at times, but it came from the heart and showed how much I hated the effect they had on the game. It’s just been a terrible year, but there is a solution to that.” . everything. If we can launch rockets to the moon and bring them back to Earth, I’m sure we’ll find a way to bring professional golf back together.”

It’s not like he created the world ranking criteria a few months ago to prevent LIV from getting points.

Earlier this month, LIV golfers sent a letter to World Ranking Committee Chairman Peter Dawson asking him to agree to include the circuit in the ranking system. If McIlroy understands their position, he believes they know the rules of the game when they decide to step in this.

“The only people preventing them from getting points in the world rankings are themselves” said McIlroy. “It’s not as if the world rankings created their criteria from scratch a few months ago to prevent LIV from scoring.”

wait a year or two

For world #2, LIV should change its rules by introducing a cut, a 75-player minimum field, and a merit-based system.

“There are many points that don’t fit the criteria, but that was changing, there’s no reason not to give them points in the world rankings. If Dustin Johnson looks beyond #100 in the world, that doesn’t reflect his place in the hierarchy. I’m not advocating excluding them from the majors, but the world ranking criteria fit most players. “It is their duty to do what is necessary,” he said.

The process of introducing a new circuit in the world rankings requires an in-depth examination of the application file, which has taken up to two years in the past.

“They knew the risks involved and their actions had consequences. It was a risk they were paid for. If some of these guys who don’t have exemptions in the Majors aren’t eligible to play them, I don’t have a problem with that because they knew it was going to happen.”

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