Roland-Garros, Wimbledon, US Open… The rising name of tennis, Catalan Paul Barbier is at the door of professionalism

Roland-Garros, Wimbledon, US Open… The rising name of tennis, Catalan Paul Barbier is at the door of professionalism
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Paul Barbier, who started tennis at the age of 17 at the USAP, moved on first to Céret, then now to La Grande-Motte, and is entering his final year of junior. It will even participate in its first Futures tournaments this year to earn its first ATP points.

The Juniors should have started the Australian Open earlier this week. The only Grand Slam he didn’t do last season. But 17-year-old Catalan Paul Barbier was heartbroken and had to give up after a grueling tour of the Americas, not fully recovering from an abdominal injury he suffered late last year.

For those who started playing USAP tennis at the age of 4 before taking over the management of Céret and finally took over the management of La Grande-Motte (Hérault) at the age of twelve, this is also a step in his discovery. high level “It was the end of a long season, my body was tired. analyzes the young man. It’s part of the game, you have to be careful when the body is damaged.”

The first, Roland Garros, was complicated.

He is still a teenager, but he speaks like a very mature person. It is the power of the high level that the young man puts together at an early age. And for this, the year 2022 allowed him to take a giant leap forward. In his first year of youth, still following his education from afar on Cned, he discovered tournaments that make you dream: Roland-Garros, Wimbeldon and the US Open. Three Grand Slam tournaments he admired. “The first, Roland Garros, was complicated, says. It’s been quite a wait. But it was nice to play there in front of a French audience. It helped me manage Wimbledon better in terms of stress. It was the same at the US Open.” And against opponents who are a year older, with a significant difference at this level, the young man made a good figure: 2to He toured in Paris and London, beating number one in the first round each time. And defeat at entry into the United States against a very promising American. It’s the second and last on this level, enough to make your mouth water for this new year.

Earn your first ATP points

36to the world starts in 2023 at the end of last season 19to, in the departure game of young people who have just turned one year old. And it plans to keep moving forward. For this, he gave himself the following opportunities: “I had a club coach for six years, he continues. I changed there and worked 100% with a coach from the Ligue d’Occitanie.” Changes necessary to continue learning. With versatile play, the Catalan is comfortable on any surface. “I have a complete style of play. I adapt very well to the court, the balls and the conditions. I try to serve well and I have a good forehand. I use the backhand to scatter the ball a bit. I have the rhythm and I have a good plug. I’m trying to strengthen my backhand topspin.” My style of play is to serve hard to score points with my forehand and run the opponent with my forehand and chip. (rolling effect on the ball, editor’s note).”

In 2023, a season that needs to attack at the beginning of February, he intends to blow the dust if his abs leave him alone. The goal is clear: to shine, especially at the Grand Slams. “If I can win one…” But at the same time, he will start participating in Futures tournaments, the lowest level of professional tournaments, to start getting his first ATP points. “Rocker among professionals”, He warns under the gaze of his mother, who helps him balance his budget with the Federation and League.

Now far from Perpignan, Paul Barbier, who will spend a year traveling the world from tournament to tournament, does not forget USAP tennis, where he goes to say hello every time he returns to see his family. And if he can’t make it to the club tournament in July due to a schedule conflict with Wimbledon this year, he continues tournament after tournament to earn the pride of club president Christian Ramoneda.

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