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on the shelf he is still the king of the land of Paris. After two very emotional weeks, the 2022 edition Roland Garros this Sunday ended with the 14th coronation of eternity. Raphael Nadal. Imperial made short work of Mallorcan young Norwegians Casper Ruud, 6-3, 6-3, 6-0 2:19. On the eighth he scuffled Felix Auger – Aliassimeby quarter Novak Djokovic then half Alexander Zverev, Rafa He showed tremendous willpower and courage to overcome the pain associated with his foot and make even more history. With this 22nd Grand Slam title, the 36-year-old Spaniard now has two coronations ahead of him. Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer Stuck at 20.

Nadal talks about the shock treatment he used to play!

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“I don’t know what will happen in the future but I will keep fighting”

On the field after the coronation, Rafa of course took the microphone. “Casper, it’s a pleasure playing against you. You are great. You’ve had a great run, especially the last two weeks, and I’m very happy for you. good luck on“He said. Then he continued.”I want to thank my team, thank you all for what you’ve done with me all these years. I get great support from my family. It is because of this that I am here today. The biggest tournament in the world for me. Thank you to everyone who made this event possible. You make me feel at home. It’s hard to describe my feelings. Being still competitive at 36 was something I never dreamed of. Incredible. Thanks again everyone. I don’t know what will happen in the future but I will keep fighting.“It’s reassuring after rumors of a possible retirement from now on. Roland they circulated.

“The hardest moment after my second game here against Moutet, I could barely walk through the hotel”

on your microphone France 2, Majorcan also gave a secret. “Well, you can’t win without suffering. It’s true that my daily life has been very difficult for a year and a half. It’s hard at home. Problems with the feet were difficult. The rib was nothing because we knew it would heal. On the other hand, the foot is every day of my life. The team helps me in my daily life otherwise it would be impossible. The hardest moment after my second game here against Moutet at the hotel, I could barely walk. I was lucky and the doctor helped me a lot. I played with sleeper foot, I had to block the nerves so that I could move. So we have to find a solution, it can’t go on like this. That’s why this victory is so important, it means a lot. We will do everything we can to keep going. I am happy to play. I like competition. We will see what happens, we will do what is necessary. We talked to different doctors, there are different options, we will try a treatment next week. I would love to continue.”

“If that doesn’t work, then that will be another story and I’ll ask if I’m ready to have major surgery.”

at the conference, nadal He could talk on his feet for a long time. And the results are mixed. There is hope, but there is also danger. “The mentality is very clear: I will continue to work on trying to find a solution and improvement regarding what is on my feet. I was able to play these two weeks in extreme conditions. I played around with the nerve injection to relieve the pain in the foot. Thanks to this, I was able to play during these two weeks. So I no longer felt any sensation in my foot because my doctor was able to anesthetize the nerves and that took all the sensation out of my foot. I wanted to keep trying and give myself the opportunity here and it was the only way to give me a chance to play. Of course I can’t continue playing tournament with my feet numb. So now we’ll have to get back to coal.

If the new treatment doesn’t work, on the shelf He may undergo an operation that will keep him away from the field for a long time. “We talked a lot about possibilities, about what’s going on. If we can cut off the senses at the two nerve levels and keep the senses alive, we can try to treat the foot in permanent conditions to try to create that feeling. That’s what we’re trying to do next week, I don’t know exactly when and I don’t know how to say it in English, what the exact treatment will be but radio frequency therapy, injection. trying to neutralize the nerve and create the effect I have had on the nerve for a long time. If it works, I’ll keep playing; If that doesn’t work then that’s another story and I’m going to ask if I’m willing to do some major surgery I’m not sure if I’ll be competitive again and it will take a while for that to come back.

“If I continue to be happy, I will continue to play tennis with what I have, if I cannot, I will do something else”

Between tennis and health, nadal prioritize health. “It’s clear that after what I’ve done my foot condition won’t get any worse, but you run the risk of having other problems when you play with a part of your body that isn’t like this. feeling. It’s a risk I want to take by playing here. It’s not a risk I want to continue to take for turf season. It worked, I earned the title here. I had an incredible feeling that will be etched in my memory forever. So it makes sense to me. The thing on my foot didn’t get any worse after that. But that will be my decision about the next step in my future. My firm verdict is that life is always more important than any other title. Of course my tennis career has been a priority my entire life. But that was never a priority for my happiness in life, so things just kept going. If I continue to be happy, I will continue to play tennis with what I have, if I cannot, I will do something else.

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