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Roland-Garros: “Popopopopopo polololo… Olé!” where? Who is coming out of the stands?

He descends from the stands at very irregular intervals. It’s more or less successful. It bothers some, surpasses others. It is the “Popopopopo polololo… Olé” who comes to settle in Paris like a migratory bird every year in the last two weeks of May. The investigation at the heart of the world’s largest tennis tournament.

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You have to be patient to put it out. Not “Popopopopo poololo… Olé” per se. But its author. Our first track took us to court number 14, the largest of the small courts (2,200 seats) in Roland-Garros. The sun was shining that morning, the crowds were generous. German Andrea Petkovic and Belarusian Victoria Azarenka compete there. A beautiful and noisy German colony of fans enlivens the meeting. We wait for the moment… In vain. ” I think your “Popopo” is typically French and can only be heard in Central or Lenglen.explains Lukas, 34, who has arrived from Wiesbaden for three days and is 100% small yellow ball. We don’t do this at home or when one of our compatriots is playing.
“Confirmation of his words by launching a powerful launch” Come on Petko, let’s go

Only in 3 big courts?

Do we have a start on why and how? “Popopo” – the German abbreviation for our position (hence) – will typically be in French and only be released in the three big courts of Roland-Garros? After this blow to the water, 14 proposes a duel to the direction of Lenglen between the Greek Maria Sakkari and the Czech Karolina Muchova. We can’t feel it… The stands are sparse, the match is not exciting. We didn’t have a nose… Of course, we heard a thin voice that had nothing to do with the original but was trying to do something. Next track…

Here, these two stamping their feet in front of Lenglen’s big screen look hot as embers. Our eye caught the logo on one of the sweatshirts: Tennis-club de Roncq. Kids from home. Popolo’s followers? ” i noJulien answers at the age of 19. I was too afraid to embarrass myself here at Roland.
» « I will do itHis 21-year-old brother cut Max. And I will do it again. Maybe not today because we can only enter side courts.
So this is a confirmation that this phenomenon is unique to the three great courts…

Where is the boss of “Popopo” hiding? Someone who never misses. The one who chooses the most appropriate moment to strike with a good, big, deep and powerful sound. The one who triggers a general “Olé”. There is, we know, we’ve heard it dozens of times since the beginning of the two weeks. We heard but did not see! The hunt continues…

Successful “Popopo”

Sunday, May 29. Four days in hiding. We do not lose our patience, but doubt begins. And there, on the street along courts 6 to 9, we jump into a mighty “Popopo”. The man is not even on the field, but the audience behind the green tarps answers him in unison: “Olééééééé! “We’re holding it.

Contacted, young man says his name is Thierry, 27 years old, lives in Montigny-le-Bretonneux and plays for TC Ignymontain. ” And does this happen to you often? “, we dare. Confident in himself and in his voice, Rafa puts his hat on, the man confidently replies: ” In the hallways, not so much. But when I’m in Chatrier and the game is hot, I love it! “. We’re holding him. Appointment was made in Chatrier for the meeting between Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime and the legendary clay eater Spaniard Rafael Nadal. Despite all the information given, it was impossible to find him at the stadium, he was opposite the press box. But an SMS alerts us: Before the next break point, I trigger
“We’re in the fourth set. Auger-Aliassime has the ball to take Nadal’s serve up 3-1. He won’t have time to do the panty-shoulder-ear-nose ritual before the aforementioned Thierry leaves. Chatrier’s almost general response. A successful “Buttopoo “.

“Warm the People”

I made a few more. it wasn’t too bad
“, he analyzes out of court. But what is the recipe for success?” most timing searches for our teacher. It has no interest in knocking one down while players are on the bench before switching sides. You have to send it to a breaking point, an important point. Distracting this or that player is not a trick. Really to warm the public. I understand that it might bother you later on because everyone is getting into it. And I’m not talking about kids with clicking noises.

The last thing that is very important: Do not confuse our “Popopopopopo polololo… Olé” with the “Poooooo po-po-po-po poo poooo” of football stadiums! The first gets her first grades.At Private Mundoa double step It is played during bullfights. The other is much newer as it has weathered it. Seven Nation Army White Lines. However, these two songs have earned a small place in the history of sports.

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Roland-Garros: “Popopopopopo polololo… Olé!” where? Who is coming out of the stands?

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