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Roger Federer says ‘shaken’ after Wimbledon loss

How did you feel when you left the field with this tremendous applause?
It was difficult. In the last games, I felt that I could not go back. Let go of Wimbledon, it’s not something I’m used to. But yes, the audience was great. I love it, that’s why I play. That’s why I’m still here. It was nice to see the stands full today. Unfortunately, they lost 3 sets from me. But still, I am grateful for the support of the people over the years. And today was special. We felt that they were happy to be outside, to see tennis, to encourage the players to do their best. Hubert (Hürkaç) it was huge. Of course it’s tough.

Was this the last time we saw you at Wimbledon?
I do not know. My goal last year was really to be able to play another Wimbledon. The idea was to be able to play again last year. However, this was not possible due to the pandemic. I was able to return this year, which pleased me. But for everything after Wimbledon, we’re going to take the time to sit down with my team and talk about it. It’ll take me a few days. Of course, we’re going to talk a little bit tonight. But it also depends on how I’m feeling over the next few days. We’ll see what we can do to make me as competitive as possible. After everything I’ve been through right now, I’m very happy to be able to play at a good level at Wimbledon. Of course I always want to play, but at my age you can’t be sure of anything.

“There’s frustration. I’m disappointed that I can’t run anymore. But we have to digest this quickly and move on »

How about your participation in the Olympic Games?
I hope to make a decision next week because it will pass quickly now. I need a few days. The big target was Wimbledon. I wanted to come here, do something good and see where it could take me. Now Wimbledon is over. Whether I lose or win in the first round doesn’t change anything. I will sit down with my team and make a decision for the future. What will be the best decision? This match and this third set change nothing. But it’s true that it shakes a little. There is disappointment. I’m disappointed that I can’t run anymore. But you have to digest that quickly and move on. I’m okay with it, I’m used to it.

Isn’t this defeat also the result of mental exhaustion? We know that after your transactions, you try hard to return to the level and it is not easy.
Yes, there is this. It played a role. I lived in front of Felix (Auger-Aliassime in Halle). When you don’t know what to do because you are led and more limited than before. Despite all the effort already… you try, but it’s getting harder and harder. It was somewhat the same against Hurkacz. To be honest, it’s not so funny to leave court like that. But I’ve been through so much here that it’s okay. It’s part of the game.”

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