“Relieved”, after coronation, Djokovic still not considering vaccination

The seven-time London Grand Slam winner is back to his rough start to the long-time year and isn’t planning much for the US Open for now, where he won’t be able to play as there is no vaccine.

at Wimbledon,

At the seventh coronation

“I feel like I’m on the moon. This tournament is very special to me because it was the first tournament I watched as a kid and it made me want to play. I don’t take any wins lightly, especially at Wimbledon.”

On the importance of Wimbledon in his career

Wimbledon has always been an important moment in my life and career. When I started 2018 with elbow surgery and didn’t play well. It was the first slam I won and later served as a springboard for me to win the US Open and the 2019 Australian Open. It is no coincidence that this place has been so important in my life and career. It’s a relief when I think about what I’ve been through this year. Of course it adds more value, more meaning and more emotion. I’ve always loved playing on the grass. I feel like I’m improving my tennis on the court every year.”

About public support

“I really felt the support and love of the audience today and I am very grateful for that. In the end, it can make a big difference in how you feel mentally. »

at Nick Kyrgios

“This is the final game against a player who has never been to Wimbledon and has nothing to lose. We all know what he is capable of. Also, when we played each other, I lost to him twice. It was kind of all there. But in the end I think I handled it well.”

about his strategy

“From the baseline, I didn’t miss much. It was part of the strategy. Nick probably has the best service. It is very difficult to read it. He constantly puts pressure on his opponents while making his service games. It has served me well throughout my comeback career. But yes, it was frustrating at times. But I felt the ball very well from the baseline. I think I served well back then. »

At the return of the game

“3 innings 4-4to Set started fouling and talked to his clan. I think there was a big change in the dynamics because we were connected up until that point. Two-on-one sets, things have clearly changed. In the fourth set, I felt he didn’t move well from baseline like he did in the first two or three sets.”

about the experience

“He never made a Wimbledon final. We also know that there are ups and downs in the game. My experience in such situations worked in my favour. »

in 2022

“This year has definitely not been the same as previous years. This caused a turbulence in me. I just needed time to weather the storm. I didn’t feel very well overall. I mean mentally, emotionally. I wanted to play, but at the same time, when I stepped onto the field in Dubai, the first tournament of the year, I felt a lot of pressure and emotion. I didn’t feel myself on the field. In that moment, I realized that it would take time, that I had to be patient, and that sooner or later I would find myself in the best position I wanted to be. »

about the vaccine

“I haven’t been vaccinated and I don’t plan to get vaccinated either, so the only good news I can get is that they remove the mandatory green card or an exemption to enter the United States. I don’t know. I don’t think the exemption is realistically possible. If that is possible, I don’t know what the exemption would be for.”

after summer vacation

“I’m hoping to get good news from the United States because I would really love to go there and play at the US Open. If that doesn’t happen, I need to see what the show will look like. To be honest, I doubt I’ll get any points. I really don’t feel any pressure or go into a particular schedule.” And things have changed for me in a year and a half. I hit that longevity record as the world’s number one week. Now I prioritize the Grand Slams. It could be the Laver Cup, it could be the Davis Cup. I love playing for my country.

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