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Record-breaking history between Rafael Nadal and Roland-Garros

The love story between Rafael Nadal and Paris clay began in 2005, when he was just 18 years old. Seventeen years later, Majorcan suggests the 2022 edition of Roland-Garros may be his last. Undoubtedly, the last opportunity for the Spaniard to make his name a little more in the history of the tournament is on Friday, June 3, when he is about to face the German Alexander Zverev in the semi-finals on Friday afternoon.

Rafael Nadal has set his sights on the fourteenth final of the Paris tournament. Record. He’s one of the countless people he’s kept on clay at Roland Garros, where he’s never been beaten in the final. Of 21 Grand Slam titles (also a record), the man nicknamed the “Manacor bull” has 13 trophies at Roland-Garros. The fourteenth had never looked closely, as he said it could be his last appearance at the tournament this year.

Three defeats since 2005

No other tennis player can claim to have won so many titles at Roland-Garros. A record that is not about to fall: runner-up Björn Borg (6 titles) ended his career before the Spaniard even started. Among the players at the circuit, Novak Djokovic has won the tournament only twice. There is only one title to the names of the Swiss Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka.

Rafael Nadal is also the only player in tennis history to lift the trophy without losing a set during the tournament four times, in 2008, 2010, 2017 and 2020. He even lost only 35 games in total in 2017. an average of five games per game in two weeks. I’ve never seen. He also has the most consecutive wins in Paris. He won 39 consecutive matches between 2010 and 2014.

Three defeats since 2005

Since 2005, Rafael Nadal has left only crumbs to his opponents. Beating the Spaniard on the clay court of Roland-Garros is a particularly difficult task, if not impossible. First, the people of Paris push and applaud him for his successive victories. Only Roger Federer and French players can boast of such popularity.

But most of all, because Rafael Nadal’s encounter in Paris is synonymous with his elimination, as the latter demonstrates his mastery of the favorite surface. He lost just three of his previous 17 games at Roland-Garros (against Robin Söderling in 2009 and Novak Djokovic in 2015, then in 2020) and withdrew once due to injury in 2016. Mallorcan has won at least 110 matches. In the rearview mirror, Novak Djokovic (89) and Roger Federer (73) look far away.

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