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Real Madrid: Nadal, Federer… Pérez doesn’t quit XXL project

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Real Madrid: Nadal, Federer… Pérez doesn’t quit XXL project

Released on October 2, 2022 at 7:00 pm.

In 2021, Florentino Pérez presented the Super League project to counter UEFA. The idea has since been cast aside, but the Real Madrid president has kept it in the back of his mind and hasn’t given up on it completely. In a meeting with the club’s fans, he again defended his project, which has been the subject of much criticism, based on the rivalry between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Under the impetus of Real Madrid and its president Florentine Perezproject Super League caused an earthquake in the football world. conflicting withUEFA, Perez For example, he wants to do anything to make it fall. However, this closed league idea was largely rejected by fans, who felt that fatigue would quickly take over when they saw the same banners. This Sunday, the president Real He stepped up, reminding that tennis fans never complain about seeing rival matches. Roger Federer also Raphael Nadal forty times before he struggled for the tenth timeUEFA.

Perez’s Concrete Argument

to withstand the wave of criticism Super League, Florentine Perez Based on the mind-boggling number of encounters between Raphael Nadal and Roger Federer. “ If you look at Liverpool, we’ve played nine times in 67 years. Four times in the history of the Chelsea European Cup and twice in the last two years, what’s the point of depriving the fans of these games? If the rules of football were applied to other sports, we would not have seen Nadal and Federer three times in all these years. he took note. And not kind to the body that governs European football…

Perez beats UEFA

is the war betweenUEFA and Florentine Perez. head real Madrid believes the body hit the wall directly and slowly killed European football. “ For reasons that escape us, UEFA is going in the opposite direction. The new model will only serve to drive fans further away and hasten the decline of football. There are no football clubs in the top 10 richest clubs in the world, we must be doing something wrong in old Europe. Our beloved sport is sick in Europe, losing its lead. Young people are less and less interested, demanding a quality product that current European competitions do not offer ” highlighted Perez.

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