Raptors’ Chris Boucher played a big role in Christian Koloko’s fight against the Heat.

Raptors’ Chris Boucher played a big role in Christian Koloko’s fight against the Heat.
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Raptors’ Chris Boucher played a big role in Christian Koloko’s fight against the Heat.

Toronto Raptors tall man Christian Koloko made headlines earlier this season for an argument with Miami Heat’s Caleb Martin that led to the rookie being dismissed. In the last episode of Hustle Play starring Chris Boucher, the 22-year-old actor talked about his incredible reaction to the whole situation, who paid the fine and how he got involved in the argument in the first place.

Asked who was the fastest ejected player in NBA history in terms of games played, Koloko immediately understood where the conversation was going. Before he had a chance to reply, Boucher announced that it had happened. He The one who prepared the native of Cameroon for close combat.

“Let’s talk about it. It got kicked out, that’s right,” Boucher explained. It started in Brooklyn.

“According to me [Nic Claxton] he has the ball – he dunks but a little too much and puts his legs on the ball [Koloko], Right? So this is the previous game. And I said, ‘No, never let anyone do this to you. I remember telling him the next time I’d like to let him in or push him or whatever.

I said, “Next game, we’re going to Miami. Someone’s trying to mess with him again. But this time he’s not making a mess. So he pushed and got into a crazy argument. Well done, man,” I said.

Because it was Boucher who instilled this “self-defense” mentality into Koloko’s psyche, she chose to pay the penalty. But the fact that it was more expensive than he anticipated upset him. Koloko expressed his great appreciation for his experienced teammate to take charge.

The Raptors and the Heat got into a feud earlier this season, and Chris Boucher played a big role behind the scenes. (Photo: Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

Koloko was confused by her scuffle with Martin.

When asked why she seemed so calm during her argument with the Heat forward, Koloko admitted it was because Martin was confused about why she was angry in the first place.

“Yeah, I wasn’t up,” Koloko explained. “Then it was like he walked towards me. And I, what is this guy trying to do? And then, I don’t know if he was pushing me and I was about to fall so I grabbed him. Then he tried to mess with me.”

The rookie’s fortified mentality prevented him from escalating the situation as he proved he could be much more reactionary.

“I could have done something,” Koloko said. “And then, right after, everybody stepped in. I was like, what’s going on? In my head, I was like, What’s going on?

“And I just raised my hands. I’m not trying to do anything. It’s like this is my third game in the league.”

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