Players who have mastered the Challenge Tour’s new live score system

The Challenge Tour revolutionized the live score system. Players must now enter the score directly on specific equipment when they leave. The latter has several features that gamers appreciate.

Nathan CARDET at Pont Royal

No, Ugo Kussaud not on your phone at all Hopps Open in Provence While monopolizing the top 10 of the ranking. Angoumoisin taps into a mobile phone he has lent his score to. Challenge Round. The goal is simple: to provide more responsive live scores on the circuit’s website and app, without relying on volunteers on the field.

Thus, the device, a specially programmed smartphone, is distributed to each player at the beginning of 1. Challenge Round gives players 1 to 3 holes to enter their scores in addition to their regular cards. If one of the competitors does not do this, an employee of the track will come to scold him on the track. After three warnings in the same tournament, the player risks a £150 penalty, a sanction never given since the system was put into operation at the start of the season.

I think it’s great, it makes everyone follow the score, nicereacts Ugo Kussaud. Part of that routine is when you have a caddy doing it so it’s not restrictive. »

Help for players

Filling the score is not the only feature of this device. Indeed, players can call a referee directly from the interface. The tournament office receives a notification and can therefore send a referee to the disputed situation more quickly. This reduces cooldowns on the course and therefore indirectly speeds up the game.

Players can also view live scores. No need to look at the boards anymore, they have access to the entire ranking and know where they stand. The functionality makes all its sense for a player on the cutting edge, especially on Fridays.

we can use it as we wantSelf Kussault. Those who do not want to see the scores do not look. We had no choice before and couldn’t follow it, I think it’s pretty good. Knowing the scores gives us another opportunity to improve our performance. “.

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