Olympic Games finally attract French golfers

Olympic Games finally attract French golfers
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French golfer Romain Langasque, St Andrews, Scotland, 14 July 2015.

The relationship between the Olympic Games (OG) and golf has always been far-fetched and never passionate. Under the weight of the Olympic movement’s historical lack of interest in the little white ball world. In the Games program at the beginning of the XXto In the 19th century, golf disappeared from the radars for a hundred and twelve years, from 1900 to 1904, and returned during Brazil’s Rio Olympic Games in 2016. But he did not receive immediate support from top international golfers. In Brazil, twelve of the world’s top twenty players did not respond.

A logical observation for Christophe Muniesa, managing director of the French Golf Federation (FFGolf), because “The discipline was organized away from the Olympic world. Reference events throughout the XXto They were the biggest tournaments of the century”. well: Augusta Masters, United States Open and PGA Championship, and British Open. Bottom line: When the games represent the Holy Grail for some athletes, ignoring the competition among golfers is far from heartbreaking.

Victor Perez, 30, French number one nominated to compete at the 2021 Tokyo Games, finally turned down the invitation a month before the tournament started. In a press release, the golfer from Tarbes said a “very busy international calendar” and the need to give up ” for [lui] let it succeed [ses] 2021 targets.” Without the Olympics, therefore.

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Olympic enthusiasm does not reign over discipline. A situation reinforced by the lack of results from the Habs at this meeting. France has not won any podiums in the Olympics. most likely 21to Grégory Bourdy signed place in Rio, then 35 respectivelyto and 45to Positions of Romain Langasque and Antoine Rozner in Tokyo.

meet at home

But times have changed, reassures FFGolf’s managing director. The years of famine seem to belong to the past. compensated by “The awareness and desire of professional players to take part in this tournament”. “The Olympic event is once again part of the sporting legacy of the discipline. He provides Christophe Muniesa. This event is considered to have its place alongside the Grand Slam events. »

A statement shared by Romain Langasque, who soon replaced his compatriot Victor Perez in Tokyo. However, he declared himself a native of Alpes-Maritimes in 2019. “I don’t dream of being an Olympic champion”. This trip brought him a lot of trouble on social networks. Three years after these statements, his experience in Japan made him reconsider his position. ” Fourth [tournois] The majors we play each year continue to be the goal of a career. Winning one brings more prestige in the industry. But since 2021 my mood has improved and with experience I can say that the Olympics are in these four majors..

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Based on the Tokyo experience, Romain Langasque, 34to In the European rankings, he even makes the Paris Olympics a priority. With a goal of winning a medal in 2024. First of all, because the meeting was held “at home”. Later, the playground of the Open de France gentlemen every year, as the competition will be held at the National Golf in Guyancourt (Yvelines). “A real competitive advantage”, According to Christophe Muniesa.

“Playing at home gives us public support and that is a real strength. I have played this course in the French championships and the French Open every year since I was a kid”, Confirms Romain Langasque.

Covid-19 air pocket

Before the deadline, FFGolf wants to intensify meetings at National Golf. Goal, “To bring the Olympic spirit to life, to ensure that the players benefit from the fact that the competitions take place on this course, and to make sure that they place their participation in the tournament on their sports calendar”Lists Mr. Muniesa.

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It’s a no-nonsense terrain sign for the tricolor golf course that has struggled to shine on the international scene in recent years. There are no players in the top 100 worldwide, a first since 2019. Covid-19 left its mark in the rankings. “The restrictions were not the same in Europe and the United States, He remembers the general manager of FFGolf. The track left much faster there, and few Frenchmen played in America, except for Perez. Thus, they fell in the world rankings. And beyond that point loss, golfers also underperformed when they had the opportunity.”

It’s a blowhole that players must fill in the two years that set them apart from the Paris Games. To use two years for the new generation to find the place at the highest level. Behind Victor Perez, Romain Langasque or Antoine Rozner, Julien Sale and Tom Vaillant can also represent France in Paris. At the age of 24 and 20, they finished sixth at the World Amateur Team Championships on September 3. Soon they will leave the amateur level to the professional world. “They performed extremely well and with good results, I believe they have the ability to be selected for Paris”, provides the general director of the federation.

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