Novak Djokovic defeated Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon to win his 21st Grand Slam.

He had been waiting for his 21st Grand Slam title for a year. A long wait on the scale of Novak Djokovic. The Serb hoped to lift it at the US Open in September 2021 to complete a Grand Slam schedule that was denied to him in the final. Australia, former unvaccinated world No. 1 directly rejected. Rafael Nadal, his last rival in this race for the record at Roland-Garros, blocked his way in the quarterfinals and took the opportunity to win his 22nd Major. Therefore, at Wimbledon, where he was the defending champion three times, the Serbian took a breather like the Spaniard, beating Nick Kyrgios (4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6) in the final. [3]).


Djokovic defeated Kyrgios on Sunday for his 28th straight win at Wimbledon.

Djokovic, who faced the unpredictable Kyrgios for the first time at such a Grand Slam party, had the experience for him, but probably came under more pressure from his opponent, whom he hadn’t set in the previous two duels (Acapulco and Indiana). wells in 2017). The start of the game has continued the streak since the Serb gave up on this first round, marked by the dazzling inspirations of the 40th player in the world. On the menu is an ace per second at 200km/h, a gorgeous redeemed backhand followed by an equally lofty pass or a beautiful backhand volley.

Kyrgios slowly got angry

The Australian player’s strengths were, from the start, indisputable serve and a backhand that matched Djokovic’s and even slightly more. On the second opportunity (at 2-2), the Serb was the first to leave his serve with a double fault and Kyrgios had the upper hand until the end, finishing this controlled set with an ace. What followed was less clear for him and more assertive for world #3, which started by winning two long-distance rallies, one after an incredible backhand duel, and then marking his territory by finding his rhythm. 2-1 and at the first opportunity, white took a break.

Nick Kyrgios had the best start in this final. (P. Lahalle/Team)

Kyrgios stayed after this short absence that had cost him dearly. He even thought he would come back to this set at 5-3. He was leading 0-40 on Djokovic’s serve, but he took his chances by returning to the net, with a backhand hit out of bounds and into the net, allowing the Serb to come back for the score. A scream broke out from the audience at this critical match, which made him angry. He started talking a lot on the field. Time to get down to his chair, Kyrgios did not lose his temper. He’s come back to deliver the best, outshining the worst with a decisive underarm service at breaking point and an obscenity warning. A lady in question is apparently a little too drunk in public and is fiercely opposed to it.

Seventh title at Wimbledon

Faced with this wave of energy, both positive and negative, “Nole” remained calm in all circumstances, making sure of his strength when he found the key in return for service. Kyrgios took a 40-0 to 4-4 lead in the third set, but the Serb nevertheless accused him of not investing in encouraging his clan to fix his opponent’s great distress. The Australian then tried to calm down, but Djokovic was too much in his rhythm and areas to let go of his prey and won the third act.

Novak Djokovic after his final victory at Wimbledon.  (P. Lahalle/Team)

Novak Djokovic after his final victory at Wimbledon. (P. Lahalle/Team)

He had to wait a little longer before deciding in the fourth set, as the two men revealed themselves at the tie-break. But this time, Kyrgios was really gone, and he gave up his last weapons without trying to defend himself to the end. Djokovic can enjoy it. Due to the lack of points at Wimbledon, the former number 1 will be number 7 on Monday when the ATP standings are published. But what matters for the Serb, who won his seventh title on Sunday at English court, is elsewhere.

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