New rules in baseball league starting next season

Major baseball leagues will enforce new rules next season, setting a 15-second limit between each innings and banning private defenses, especially when roads are deserted.

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The competition committee, consisting of six owners representatives, four players and a referee, voted overwhelmingly in favor of everything on Friday. Thus, decisions were taken to speed up the tempo of the games, which were seen as very slow by many observers. Therefore, in addition to the maximum time of 15 seconds for shots fired without a runner on the bases, the allowable delay will be 20 seconds between each shot while the players are on the mats.

With a 15-second clock, the catcher should be in position on the plate at the 10th second, and the striker should be in the rectangle at the eighth second. The launcher’s momentum must have started in 15 s at the latest. In this sense, a mistake he makes will automatically be considered a ball; if the beat is wrong, it will see that one beat has been added to the count.

Regarding the position of the men on the defensive, the line-up must include at least two players on either side of the second base; their feet should touch the clay that forms the inner field. Additionally, the mattresses will be larger in size and will be between 15 and 18 square feet. The number of attempts to land an opponent on the ground will be reduced to two at a time at-bat.

“These steps are aimed at increasing the pace of the game, encouraging action and reducing injuries. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement that these were all goals that received incredible support from fans. realized its impact in making it better and more fun to watch.


On the other hand, the Players Association expressed its disagreement with the changes made by voting unanimously against it.

“The players make a living from this sport on a daily basis. The rules on the field and the resulting impact affect their preparation, their performance, and ultimately the integrity of baseball. Our leaders negotiated through the competition committee and provided helpful feedback on proposals from the commission’s office. The circuit was not ready to solve the problems we presented,” he said.

Minor league players in the process of syndication

Major League Baseball will not put a stop to minor league players who have indicated their intention to unionize any time soon.

At least, The Athletic website announced it on Friday. The circuit only requires a simple check of the supports (“board check”) before formalizing everything.

With the help of the Major League Players Association, a movement has recently been launched to enlist the support of non-contract major league players who have to settle for $400 a week.

On Tuesday, Players Association director Tony Clark said that more than half of the 5,000 to 6,000 players in major league baseball-affiliated clubs want to unionize.

The Manfred circuit chose between recognizing the union or letting an agency independent of the American federal government decide. It looks like he chose the first option.

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