Neighborhood quarrel with a baseball bat near Caen

Neighborhood quarrel with a baseball bat near Caen
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Neighborhood quarrel with a baseball bat near Caen

A 32-year-old man was convicted on Thursday (January 19th) for fighting with his neighbor while holding a baseball bat. artwork ©Adobe Stock

A baseball bat opposite an iron bar. this is what can come neighbors This is what happens to those who don’t love each other mondevilleon the outskirts Caen (Calvados) Tuesday evening, May 17, 2022. This resulted in Samir* (32 years old) appearing in court on charges of “violence with the use of weapons in recidivism” and “damage to property belonging to others”. ”.

“I was insulted every day”

Everything starts with one verbal argument in the parking lot of the building between Samir* and his neighbor Pascal*. “I was insulted every day by his family. My wife too. I couldn’t take it anymore, ”explains Samir at the helm. So that night, she hurries into her apartment to get out the bat.

I had no intention of hitting it, I went to get the stick because it had an iron bar. Also, there were several.

Samir says that Pascal provoked him by grabbing him by the neck: “You are not a man! “, he would start. According to eyewitnesses, Samir was not left out. “I’m going to your race! just a few bruises from both sides.

Regarding his legal career, the defendant has already been convicted of violence.

They have since moved

Unless Pascal is a civil party, he claims to be the victim of collateral damage because a neighbor’s vehicle was damaged. broken in a fight.

For this, the lawyer explains, “The defendant’s window was at the height of the car, so he had a blow to the roof and a crack in the windshield so he had to jump over it to get out of his apartment.” Total repair estimate: more than 2,000 €.

But according to Samir, the car was parked a few meters away and the windshield was already cracked.

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There is not enough evidence for the court to attribute the damage to him. Therefore, it is released to the facts. He was found guilty of violence with a gun, fined 90 days and 5 euros and a three-year ban on carrying a gun.

Since then Samir and his family have moved.

* First names.

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