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Nadal is back with a desire to “enjoy the week” and finish his career in style.

More than a month after retiring from the Wimbledon semi-finals, Rafael Nadal is competing in Cincinnati Wednesday through Thursday. The world’s number 1 is in sight, but the 36-year-old Spaniard now has other priorities.

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At 1 a.m. (Paris time) on Thursday, August 18, Rafael Nadal signed his halftime comeback, more than a month after losing the semi-finals of the Wimbledon tournament. He has to face Croatian Borna Coric in order to participate in the run in Cincinnati.

The Mallorcan was forced to delay his return to competition due to a persistent abdominal injury. Third in the world in the ATP standings today, these masters can become world No. 1 again on the occasion of the 1000 tournament. Relying on a Daniil Medvedev at the same time – currently No. 1 on ATP – he was eliminated before the quarterfinals, provided he wins the tournament.

But the Spaniard made it clear at a press conference: What has been essential to him to this day is elsewhere. He knows he will need time to find his best level. Therefore, the goal for him is to regain pleasure: “Let’s see how the week goes, I hope to present a good level of tennis but I’m aware of that, at Wimbledon I have to be careful not to overwork the affected abdominal area… All in all, I hope this area responds well so I can enjoy the week in silence.

Struggling with an increasingly reluctant body, Majorca therefore seems to be setting the course. Fighting for the world’s #1 spot is no longer essential if he can still deliver blows on the track. Moreover, he last reached this rank more than two years ago, in January 2020. The man, who has 22 grand slam titles, now aims to finish his career in style and, if possible, healthy.


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