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“My room at home is always…”

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic faced off for the 23rd time at the 2010 ATP Finals and met in the second match of the second round after taking their opening win.

The Spaniard took a 7-5, 6-2 win in an hour and 52 minutes, defeating the Serb for the 16th time to get a perfect score in London. After leaving the Paris Masters early, Novak arrived in London and played well in the first-round duel against Tomas Berdych.

He also got off to a good start against Nadal before experiencing irritation in his right eye in Game 8, taking a medical break and changing his contact lenses several times.

The Serbian could not improve his sight and played the second set almost with one eye and had no chance against such a strong opponent. Novak’s game timeout lasted seven minutes, and Nadal didn’t say anything as he waited for his opponent.

However, while the action was going on, the Spaniard was asked to take some steps and discussed this with the 1st referee.

After the match, Rafa explained that he had nothing against Novak’s extended timeout, but didn’t feel good about being rushed by the referee after missing the serve for two or three seconds.

Nadal saved four of his five time-out chances and took 43% of his comeback points, making four time-outs to sign the deal in straight sets, defeating Djokovic for the second time this season.

Unable to control his shots, Novak made 30 mandatory errors and lost ground in the closing stages of the first set, playing tennis fearlessly and seeking all-or-nothing shots as his only option.

After a fun point in the net, Nadal won the first set at 2, losing service in the second game and two timeouts in the seventh game, while Novak started having eye problems in the eighth game and left the field without trying. to find a solution.

The Serbian performed well in game ninth before adding a backhand error at 5 to give his opponent a timeout. Nadal cleared three timeouts and claimed after a grueling 75 minutes.

Rafael Nadal suffers from a rare degenerative disease

Rafael Nadal talked about his bad habit when talking about coping with a major pre-match pressure and discomfort.

After describing how cleaning, polishing and arranging his shoes had calmed his nerves, Nadal said: “My mom and sister laugh when they remember this.

Because when it comes to sports, they say that I am a disciplined and regular person. But in everything else, I’m distracted and chaotic. They are right. My room at home is always messy.

I also have a hotel room when I travel and I often forget things,” he added. After weeks of well-deserved rest, Rafael Nadal is ready for the next hard court season.

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