MLB: Officially final between Dodgers and free agent Trevor Bauer

MLB: Officially final between Dodgers and free agent Trevor Bauer
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MLB: Officially final between Dodgers and free agent Trevor Bauer

NEW YORK — Trevor Bauer was released by the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday after the shooter’s unprecedented 324-day suspension over allegations of sexual misconduct was dropped by an independent referee.

The Dodgers appointed Bauer for reassignment on January 6, the last day to return him to their roster, after referee Martin Scheinman reduced the suspension imposed by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to 194 days. Dodgers submitted Bauer’s name as a disclaimer on Thursday. Major League Baseball teams have until 1pm ET on Friday to claim it.

Bauer is still up for $22.5 million from the three-year, $102 million contract he signed with the Dodgers, making it highly unlikely that he will be picked by another club on waivers. If not adopted, he will enjoy the autonomy and will be able to sign any team from 14:00 with a minimum salary of $720,000.

Dodgers will have to pay him the remainder of the $22,537,635 owed to him.

Bauer lost approximately $37.6 million during his suspension.

Manfred suspended Bauer last April for violating MLB’s marital conduct and sexual assault policy after a San Diego woman alleged that he had beaten and sexually assaulted her in 2021. he was satisfied.

Bauer was never found guilty.

The Players Association filed a complaint on behalf of Bauer. A panel of three judges, led by Scheinman, ruled on 2 December. Scheinman decided that Bauer had determined that Bauer had violated MLB policy and imposed a fine covering the first 50 games of 2023, during which the shooter would not receive his salary.

The sanction is intended to cover the period during which Bauer received his salary while he was administratively suspended in 2021 and 2022.

Bauer joined the Dodgers ahead of the 2021 season and made 17 starts before being forced to retire.

In February 2022, Los Angeles prosecutors decided not to charge Bauer for the alleged acts, as they were unable to substantiate the woman’s allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.

Bauer has always claimed that certain sexual encounters with the 27-year-old woman were suggested by him.

This woman then requested a restraining order, which was denied. The judge said that Bauer respected the woman when she set her boundaries, and because they didn’t clarify, she couldn’t know which ones she had violated.

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