MLB: Montreal holds a big place in the heart of the Delino DeShields

Former Montreal Expos player Delino DeShields will never forget Montreal and Montreal will never forget Delino DeShields.

It’s part of the fascinating and beautiful history of the Expos in the early ’90s. A formation for which he was one of the cornerstones, along with other young players like him, is growing in the never-ending power developed by the team.

Passing through Montreal on the sidelines of the Expos Fest event, the former Nos Amours second baseman stopped by Antichambre’s studios on RDS on Friday.

The man, now 53 years old, set foot in the metropolis for the first time in a very long time. This return allowed him to return to old feelings. “When we arrived, I felt many emotions and many memories came back to me. The place where my career started is a special place for me. »

He occupies a big place in his life in Montreal, which came to the city in 1990 in hopes of building something solid professionally. “I grew up in this town. I was 21 years old, just starting life. I was looking for my identity. This city allowed me to present myself with my best identity, I felt free and able to express myself. It was a really nice place for a young man.”

His career opening game was equally memorable on April 9, 1990, when he became the first National League rookie to score four goals in his first game since Mack Jones in 1961. Former number 4 will never forget that day, not just for the hits it got. “I thought it would be easy after this,” DeShields joked. Seriously, it remains an unforgettable day. Apart from four hits, one of my fondest memories is of my mother struggling with alcoholism in the stands. It was a moment we shared and I will never forget it. »

In November 1993, the Deshields were traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Pedro Martinez. A transfer he didn’t see coming because he thought he’d stay in Montreal for the rest of his career. “I was naive back then. I thought I was going to play here with the Marquis (Grissom) and Larry (Walker) forever. I believed in the concept that I was going to play here. It was difficult because we were on the verge of being a great team.”

Expos, Dodgers, St. Despite playing 13 seasons in Major League Baseball with the Louis Cards, Baltimore Orioles, and Chicago Cubs, baseball wasn’t the Deshields’ first choice. he saw himself better. What drove him to another sport was realistic, but clearly legitimate considerations. “It was a family decision. A situation where I could help my family financially. I could have gone to college to do what I really wanted to do, but I chose money for my family.”

Delino DeShields wants to continue being involved in the baseball world. He was recently fired by the Cincinnati Reds organization as a youth coach after 14 seasons.

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