MLB: Guardians beat Kevin Gausman to 7-2 win over Blue Jays

Canadian Josh Naylor hit two singles and raced in one run during Sunday’s Cleveland Guardians’ 7-2 win over the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Guardians (61-53) have won their sixth game in their last seven games, while the Blue Jays (61-52) have won just two of their last eight games.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. saw his streak come to an end at the age of 22 as he was knocked out by four innings.

The Blue Jays slugger had the opportunity to extend his streak when the runners came first and second to plate in the seventh inning. With three runs and two outs, Guerrero could tie the game.

Guerrero hit a ground ball at third base, which ended the kick.

“This is the confrontation we wanted. Blue Jays interim manager John Schneider (Guerrero) says he can tie the game. It didn’t work out in our favor. »

The Guardians’ starting pitchers limited the Blue Jays to just four runs in a three-game series. The Guardians won two of the three games and were leading 16-4 overall.

Shane Bieber (8-6) allowed two runs and eight hits in seven for the Guardians. He made six hits.

“‘My heart was in my throat,'” Guardians manager Terry Francona said. “I was nervous out of respect for what ‘Vladdy’ could do. ‘Biebs’ has done an outstanding job. »

Starting in Toronto, Kevin Gausman (8-9) remained on the court for four and two thirds. He allowed five runs and nine innings while making five strokes.

“They did a good job of forcing me to shoot a lot of shots,” Gausman said. We’ve met a lot of good shooters lately.”

The Guardians scored a point in the first, second and fourth innings before Gausman conceded two goals in the fifth half to finish his round.

Short stop Amed Rosario was the host on the first inning. Catcher Austin Hedges doubled the score with a single hit in the second half, and then drove in another series with a double hit in the fourth half.

Mississauga native Naylor brought the Guardians home again on the right field in the fifth inning. Owen Miller was the instigator of the second issue of the fifth issue of Guardians.

The Guards finished their day with two runs against reserve trent Thornton in the ninth round.

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