MLB: Despite the Yankees’ recent failings, Brian Cashman has not lost faith

NEW YORK — The New York Yankees fueled frustrations in August, aged 6-14, among their fans and those of their manager Aaron Boone, who was recently seen to be patient at a press conference.

But general manager Brian Cashman didn’t hesitate to line up behind his club on Monday despite the massive drought.

“This group of players has my confidence,” Cashman said shortly before the Mets’ 4-2 win.

“I have great faith in them and still believe they can do what we hoped and dreamed of. But the first thing to do is calm the storm. »

Recently, Yankees fans have poured their nets into Cashman and Boone for what the team missed. In addition to a slump on offense, right-handed Frankie Montas has posted a 9.00 ERA (14 ERA on many innings) since New York’s acquisition of the Oakland Athletics.

Meanwhile, Jordan Montgomery moved on and went to St. He had a blast with his new roster thanks to his microscopic 0.54 ERA with the Louis Cardinals. Meanwhile, outfielder Harrison Bader has yet to make his debut for the Yankees.

Cashman defends Boone’s work over the past few weeks to and from us.

“I think he did a great job,” he said. I think he manages his team well. It is not impulsive. It is important for our players to see this because if they manage to maintain the same temperament, they will not see any panic. This does not mean that he cannot lose his temper, which will be from time to time when necessary. »

The contrast between Montas’ failures on arrival with the Yankees and Montgomery’s successes since leaving the Bronx have raised questions about Cashman’s approach to the trade deadline.

In this regard, the New York GM noted that Montas had returned from shoulder surgery and was recently shaken by a death in his family.

Cashman compared the Yankees’ downfall to the team’s 2021 run, which was disappointing throughout the campaign after entering the program hoping to get it all. He insisted that his club “anticipates challenges sooner or later”, but “has already proven his ability to perform at the highest level.”

“I believe in this group and I know Aaron Boone believes it too. This also applies to our owners group. A group of dedicated, hungry and very talented guys, despite finding themselves on a slightly longer-than-expected losing streak. Only in the first three seasons of the season. I will not forget the level shown in . »

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