MLB: Blue Jays win offense fest 18-11 over Phillies

MLB: Blue Jays win offense fest 18-11 over Phillies
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MLB: Blue Jays win offense fest 18-11 over Phillies

PHILADELPHIA — Matt Chapman hit a three-run homer on the first inning, Jackie Bradley Jr. He added three running homers on the ninth and the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Philadelphia Phillies 18-11 on Tuesday.

The Blue Jays used their 21-shot performance to win against another team vying for the playoffs.

But the Queen City club is in a better position. Not only has it won five of its last seven meetings, it has also cemented its dominance over the #1 drafted teams from America. The Phillies lowered their flag for the fifth game in a row.

The Phillies dueled just two and a half games ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers for the last available spot for teams selected from the National.

Star outfielder Bryce Harper said: “There are always bad spots in a season, but isn’t it a pity that it’s happening now?

“We lost but I think it will serve as a springboard for our game tomorrow (Editor’s note: Against the Jays as well). I hope the offensive, defensive and shooting staff will respond. We need to start the infield that takes us to the playoffs.”

Kyle Schwarber hit his 40th homer of the season for the Phillies in eighth place, hitting 14-10 over three runs. He became the first Phillies player to score 40 points in a season since Ryan Howard in 2006-09.

At the loss, JT Realmuto hit his 20th homer and hit five out of five at bats. He drove in two runs and crossed the plate twice.

Raimel Tapia and Danny Jansen each had three RBIs for the Blue Jays. The Canadian team had multiple goals 10 and scored in all but the fourth inning.

The Phillies have 15 games left to play, including five in this final home run of the season. The Blue Jays have 14 games left and they embark on a six-game road trip.

Blue Jays starter Ross Stripling gave up nine innings and five runs in more than four innings. Thus, he ended a series of 16 consecutive starts where he allowed three points or less. He was one game away from beating the organization’s record.

“Either way, it hasn’t been a good day to be a pitcher. That’s for sure,” Stripling said.

“But today we showed our ability to score points. We have this in our arsenal. »

Kyle Gibson (10-7), who started the Phillies first, allowed seven runs and 12 innings in five innings.

“We knew this was going to be a game like this when we went into the third or fourth half,” said Toronto manager John Schneider.

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