MLB: A few big names among freelancers, including Aaron Judge, Jacob deGrom, and Trea Turner

MLB: A few big names among freelancers, including Aaron Judge, Jacob deGrom, and Trea Turner
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MLB: A few big names among freelancers, including Aaron Judge, Jacob deGrom, and Trea Turner

The Houston Astros may have just won the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies, but that won’t stop the baseball world from turning.

Starting Thursday, all MLB teams will be able to chat with the many free agents available, and a few big names can change addresses. While most signings will take place later this winter, the season of rumors can officially begin! Take a look at the main players that will be free to air in MLB.

1. Aaron Judge (Fan – New York Yankees)
Judge is having one of the best seasons in Major League history. He set a new American record with 62 home runs and is expected to win the team’s Most Valuable Player award. His age (31 next season) could scare a few teams away. However, there will be plenty of suitors for the 6ft-7 giant. The New York Yankees will of course try to protect the services of their star players, but the San Francisco Giants will be the one to watch in this regard. The judge idolized a certain Barry Bonds from the district and as he aged…

2. Trea Turner (Short Stop – Los Angeles Dodgers)
Turner can do absolutely anything on the baseball field, and the Americans’ stats speak for themselves. He hit .302 in eight major league seasons, made 24 home runs, made 112 runs, drove 84 runs, and stole 44 bases in 162 games. Still relatively young at 29, Turner is expected to sign a long-term deal worth around $300 million.

3. Carlos Correa (Short Stop – Minnesota Twins)
Correa bet on himself last winter and came out on top. After signing a three-year contract with the Twins with two options at the end of each season, Correa led their offense with 22 home runs, 64 RBI and .291 batting averages. The first overall pick in the 2012 draft, Correa is also one of the best defensive players in his position. At 28, he is the youngest current influencer and could sign a contract worth more than $300 million.

4. Xander Bogaerts (Short Stop – Boston Red Sox)
The heart and soul of the Red Sox since David Ortiz’s departure in 2016, the Bogaerts have hit over .300 in three of the last four seasons. Shortstop still had a three-year contract with the Red Sox, but used an option in his contract to become a free agent. The 30-year-old Bogaerts, who has won two World Series titles, is still at the top of the batting roster on several occasions. Important fact to note: He is the oldest of the four main shorts available this winter.

5. Jacob deGrom (Starting Pitcher – New York Mets)
In health, he is the best shooter in the deGrom Majors. The question remains whether the right-handed player will be able to stay on the mound in the coming seasons. He has only made 38 starts in the last three seasons. At 35, a long-term contract will likely be a very high risk. But DeGrom may be the first player in Major League history to earn more than $45 million per season.

6. Dansby Swanson (Short Stop – Atlanta Braves)
Swanson, the latest defender to make this list, is having the best season of his career with the Braves. He made 25 home runs, took 96 runs and hit .277. Swanson, a suburb of Atlanta Kennesaw, is a crowd favorite, and Braves president and general manager Alex Anthopoulos will be one of the first to knock on his door.

7. Justin Verlander (Starting Pitcher – Houston Astros)
Verlander turns 40 in February. Verlander is also expected to win his third Cy-Young Trophy next week. Verlander, one of the greatest shooters in history, has previously stated that he wants to play until the age of 45. As long as he wants to, he’ll be on the field in future Hall of Famer Majors.

8. Carlos Rodon (Starting Pitcher – San Francisco Giants)
Like Correa, Rodon took a bet on himself by signing a short-term deal with the Giants after a great season with the Chicago White Sox. Rodon dominated his first season in San Francisco with a 14-8 record, 2.88 ERA and 237 strokes. The nearly 30-year-old leftist will seek to sign a long-term deal this winter.

9. Clayton Kershaw (Starting Pitcher – Los Angeles Dodgers)
Once again, the question arises: Did we witness Kershaw’s final steps in Los Angeles? The legendary left-handed shooter will turn 35 at the start of next season. If he wants to go back with the Dodgers, he will. Otherwise, Kershaw could return to the Texas Rangers. Born in Dallas, Kerhsaw may decide to end his career in front of his relatives and friends.

10. Brandon Nimmo (Fan – New York Mets)
A little-known player before the start of last season, Nimmo has made a name for himself in Major League Baseball. Mostly ranked first on the Mets roster, Nimmo ranks sixth overall in the Nationals, as evidenced by his .367 base average in 2022. At 30, Nimmo is a good athlete and should be able to patrol the midfield for a few more seasons.

11. Willson Contreras (Receiver – Chicago Cubs)
Contreras, 30, is one of MLB’s best and most trusted receivers. Since 2018, only JT Realmuto has been behind the plate more often than him. Contreras should easily sign a contract worth over $100 million this winter.

12. Kenley Jansen (Relief – Atlanta Braves)
With Edwin Diaz’s historic new contract with the Mets, Jansen has become the best savior on the market. At 35, he can bring a lot of experience and stability to any Major League bullfight.

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