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Mercato: Real Madrid, Barcelona… Rafael Nadal changed everything for this transfer

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Real Madrid, Barcelona… Nadal changed everything for this transfer

Published by the editors on September 26, 2022 01:00

Marco Asensio, who is now at Real Madrid where he won everything, could have flown to Barça at the age of 18. However, the Catalans did not want to pay the transfer fee in one go. Mallorcan like Asensio, Rafael Nadal took matters into his own hands and immediately made an offer to Florentino Perez.

Marco Asensio He quickly caught the attention of recruiters when he was younger. The 18-year-old Spaniard played for his club. MajorcaThe home of tennis legend Rafael Nadal. most Barca wanted to do assenio but the transfer turned upside down and that’s it real Madrid Who took the bet? and according Mundo Deportivothis Raphael nadal who sent the player White House.

Barca refused to pay

recruiters in 2014, Barca informing sports directors Andoni Zubizarreta – through OM – the emergence of a young talent Majorca. This Marco Asensiofan Barca of the Leo Messi In that case. Moreover, the first coin of the Argentine, Horacio Gaggiolirepresenting the young player and managed to reach an agreement Majorca and Barca. The Catalans will have to pay 4.5m euros to secure winger services. Gold, Barcelona He doesn’t want to pay too much for a player who hasn’t proven anything yet and wants to delay the payment, which he refuses. Majorca. In fact, negotiations stalled and Raphael Nadal enter the dance.

Nadal called Perez

Raphael Nadal is a strong supporter real Madrid. By the power of its notoriety, young people assenio Coming from the same city as him, Barca. So he decides to search. Florentine Perez to give him information about the player’s profile. persuade by nadalhead Real agree to sign Marco Asensio. The tennis player immediately warns him that a private jet will take him and leave. Madrid in the following hours. Eight years later, Marco Asensio won it all meringue.

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