Martin St-Louis follows in the footsteps of Felipe Alou

When the connection between hockey and baseball comes together, it particularly impresses me because those are the two sports I value most in life.

This time, Martin St-Louis and Felipe Alou find themselves in a text by Félix Séguin in which a Canadian voice compares the two men via TVA Sports: Martin St-Louis as Felipe Alou.

This statement does not mean that St-Louis has Mr. Alou’s traits, because, as Séguin puts it, he still has a long way to go “before he can hope to achieve a second career like Alou’s”. On the other hand, like Alou in the Expos’ golden age, St-Louis is the image of his team.

Martin St-Louis is the image and foundation of the Montreal Canadiens!

St-Louis is a legend, a Hall of Fame, and a man who was jaw-dropping in the Montreal Canadiens locker room from his very first speech. His leadership is great and on an almost unparalleled level.

Without ignoring her aura, her poise, her ability to communicate, the way she teaches, and the way she cuts the world apart. the game. All these components make him a unique man and head coach.

Despite his inexperience as a lead driver, we see the development of the young players as dazzling. Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield and even Samuel Montembeault are living proof of this. The three teenagers have reached another level since the former number 26 was hired.

Simple. St-Louis is more popular, if not as popular as Suzuki or Caufield. The fans, as well as the players, the organization, and the journalists, have fully embraced it.

In addition to all these features, the fact that he is entertaining during the interviews upsets the fans. St. Louis real deal!


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