Major League Baseball: Four free agents to make teams drool

Major League Baseball: Four free agents to make teams drool
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Major League Baseball: Four free agents to make teams drool

Also this year, several Major League Baseball teams will pull the checkbook to attract some of the biggest hitters in the free agent market.

Even if the exact identities of the players involved have been known since Monday evening, after some of them have taken advantage of the option years attached to their contracts, players cannot sign the contract before the official date Thursday. opening of the free agency market. Here are four players who could get a massive new paycheck.

Aaron Judge, outfielder

Aaron Judge is undoubtedly the gold nugget of this class of no-contract players. All eyes will be on the big man whether he will stay with the New York Yankees or leave after being booed in the playoffs at the end of a campaign where he set the record for most home runs by an American League player with 62.

The Californian may decide to return home after a dream season where he also led the marches (111), RBIs (131), point runs (133) and several other offensive categories.

The judge, who reportedly turned down a seven-year, $213.5 million deal from the Yankees before the start of the 2022 season, is expected to pocket several hundred million dollars.

Jacob deGrom, pitcher

Jacob deGrom has played very little in recent years due to elbow and shoulder injuries, but teams looking for ace shooters won’t hesitate to roll out the red carpet for him. Despite having one of the worst seasons of his career in 2022, the 34-year-old Gunner went 5-4 and posted a respectable 3.08 ERA.

The two-time winner of the Cy-Young Trophy, awarded annually to the best pitcher in each league, still has recorded his career best for average hits per nine innings (14.3).

Trea Turner, short centre-back

Trea Turner is the best option at the short stop, one of the most important positions in defense among a well-stocked class at this point in the diamond. The 29-year-old athlete stands out especially for his versatility. It was these multiple talents that interested the Los Angeles Dodgers in taking the Washington Nationals in 2021, leading them in major baseball batting (195) and batting average (.328) during this campaign.

A very fast athlete, in addition to leading the National twice in his career in 2018 (43) and 2021 (32) he can also steal bases, making 27 times in 2022.

Xander Bogaerts, short centre-back

Xander Bogaerts is one of the many short defenders that teams that didn’t get Turner could look at. The former Boston Red Sox batting average is .307, hitting 15 home runs and driving 73 runs. Having made four all-star appearances in his career, he will certainly be proud to serve his new team.

Honorable words:

With over a hundred free agents to become free agents, it’s normal not to have all of them on this list. Here are a few that will also break the bank:

Carlos Correa (short stop), Dansby Swanson (short stop), Brandon Nimmo (fighter), Jose Abreu (first baseman), Willson Contreras (catcher), Carlos Rodon (pitcher), Chris Bassitt (pitcher), Tyler Anderson (pitcher) , Jameson Taillon (pitcher), Noah Syndergaard (pitcher), Clayton Kershaw (pitcher)

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