LIV Golf, Andrew “Beef” Johnston’s dilemma

Much loved by fans across the channel, Andrew “Beef” Johnston admitted that if an offer from LIV Golf comes in, he will have a hard time accepting it.

British Andrew Johnston, guest of the Stirkers and Radar podcast, gave an update on his thumb injury, which still puts him out of the competition.

“Beef” has not played on the DP World Tour since the Portuguese Masters last November and therefore finds itself in the 370th place in the world rankings.

The winner of the Spanish Open in Valderrama in 2016 admitted that his physical condition was starting to weigh on him and that it would be difficult not to accept an offer from the controversial circle backed by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund. Even if the dream of playing in the Ryder Cup continues.

“I’ve been gone for a year. If you were offered £10 million, how would you refuse? Explains Andrew Johnston.

“I would take the time to seriously think about it because it could change my life and my future. It depends on your values ​​and why you play golf. I would seriously consider it, but I’m not saying I’m going.

You have to choose sport or money

Besides the financial aspect, Johnston realizes that he will have to ask himself the right questions. Those related to their sporting goals that most players have had to respond to, whether or not they agreed to participate in the controversial half.

I will play Major and Ryder Cups because there is no substitute for these experiences. It cannot be purchased.

“Financially it’s great, but that’s the only reason you’re on the offensive. And then you think about why you play golf, that’s when it’s very hard for someone like me, because you realize you’ll never play another sport again.

Ranked 8th at The Open in 2016 at Troon, Henrik Stenson’s triumphant year, “Beef” finds it hard to let go of that kind of excitement.

“The experiences I’ve had at some of the Grand Slam tournaments have been incredible. When you go to play at The Open or the United States, it’s crazy and the memories are etched forever.

“If I stay fit and injury free for the next 10 years, hopefully I’ll play Majors and Ryder Cups because there’s no substitute for those experiences. You can’t buy it.”

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