LIV: A $50 million bag and special arrangements for the end-of-season championship

If LIV golf found a way to get people talking about it for their astronomical wallet, the opposition league also found a way to get people talking about it by setting up a special system to determine the seeds for the end-of-season championship.

First, golfers will compete in the end-of-season team championship for a record bag in golf history, or $50 million. The winning team will pocket a total of $16 million at the tournament, which will be played at the Trump National Doral in Miami from October 27-30.

Where placements get interesting, as reported by Network’s Mark Schlabach ESPNis in the process of determining the seed heads.

After selecting the players for their team for the tournament, each captain will participate in the “closest to the hole” style elimination format to rank the teams. The top four teams bid farewell to the quarterfinals, while teams placed between 5th and 12th places will have to qualify for a qualifying round.

The team tournament format was revealed in court on Monday during the federal antitrust lawsuit against the PGA Tour.

“The Team Championship will be played in elimination format (Match-Play) for four days. The winning team will be declared the “Team Series Champion”, as described in section 5.4 of the rules.

“Each team will be ranked from series 1 to 12 seeded for the competition, and this ranking will be based on a playoff after players are selected. Each team captain will have a shot to place the ball closest to the hole. »

The captain who places his ball closest to the hole will thus have the honor of seeing his team take the first seed, and the other formations will be chained from 2 to 12 based on the proximity of the balls hit by the captains to the hole. .

“It’s not surprising that they chose something so remote and unoriginal to improve the sport,” said one PGA Tour veteran. ESPN Tuesday. “It really sucks. It’s so stupid. This is the XFL. This isn’t competitive golf. It’s a circus.”

According to information obtained by ESPN via a LIV golf rep, some details are yet to be finalized.

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