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Ligue 1, Djokovic Vs Nadal at Roland Garros, first behind-the-scenes MotoGP documentary released… A glimpse into a (turbulent) sporting year on Prime Video

Ligue 1, Djokovic Vs Nadal at Roland Garros, first behind-the-scenes MotoGP documentary released… A glimpse into a (turbulent) sporting year on Prime Video
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Be number 1 in sports. That’s the not-so-secret purpose of Amazon’s SVOD service, to subscribers’ delight. Buying Ligue 1 broadcasting rights, buying competition-oriented cult movies, duplicating original productions around huge performances – everything is fine! In France and abroad, with a round or oval ball on two or four wheels. sacred program.

Returning to page 2022, we take a look at some of Prime Video’s biggest sports moments from the past year.

1. Nadal VS Djokovic: clash of titans

Tuesday, May 31. Roland Garros’ clay court trembles, the spectators hold their breath. Rafael Nadal and then world number one Navak Djokovic face each other in the quarterfinals on the Philippe-Chartier court. They have at least 41 Grand Slam titles among them. After a four-hour showdown, Majorca beat its historic rival 6-2, 4-6, 6-2, 7-6. And it will stop its momentum only after the winner of the tournament has won the title for the 14th time. We leave the microphone to you, Rafa.

2. Le Bris Savior Goal Against Lille

It was one of the highlights of last year in Ligue 1. On October 1st, FC Lorient, who came right after the then two championship giants (PSG, OM), faced Lille. Strengthened in an extraordinary season where everything was smiling on them, Hakes is pressed by his Lille rival. Even abuse.

The team plays at 10th after Dango Ouattara was eliminated in 62nd. It’s a disaster. While FC Lorient only hoped to avoid carnage, Théo Le Bris, who had just celebrated his 20th candle, scored his first Ligue 1 goal in an unforgettable 86th minute. And he offers his team the win. Joy in the stands, an explosion of commentators. What show. Instead, the judge:

3. A wild (and motorized) expedition to Arctic ice

Covid nailed them to that point, but here they are again. for season 5 Grand Tour Made by Amazon, Jeremy, Richard and James, it drives the engine in the icy expanse of the Scandinavian Arctic. at all times rock’n’roll our nervous trio gets behind the wheel of rally cars for a while trip where they will go from cold challenges to technical disasters. Warm, to be enjoyed under a blanket.

A Look at the 4th International “Neighborhood” Football Cup

There’s the World Cup in Qatar, and then there’s the slightly less publicized Créteil Regions National Cup competition. documentary series world Tour takes us behind the scenes of the 2022 edition of this event, in which teams of “neighborhood” youth from all over the world compete. One melting pot Sport designed as a tribute to living together, allowing you to discover another facet of football outside of major international events. Feel is good guaranteed.

5. A demonstration about the emancipation of female players… Baseball?

Surprise. Last year, Amazon adapted Penny Marshall’s feature film for 2022 An extraordinary team (1992) to a series of the same name. We find the background from the original comedy, the tentative and historic launch of a women’s professional baseball league in the United States in 1943. where? to show Unlike before, it stems from an over-interested attention to social issues that were scarcely highlighted on the screen 30 years ago. Sisterhood, racial discrimination, homosexuality. How to celebrate tolerance with bats

6. The first series dedicated to the secrets of MotoGP

With MotoGP UnlimitedPrime Video pulls us into the ‘back galleys’ of the ‘queen category’ of two-wheeled competition via a tourinside”. Education, relations between rivals… And even moments of rapprochement. If you’re wondering how MotoGP champion Fabio Quartararo is getting ready for his season in his little home in Andorra, here it is. Let me see you.

Bonus: A string of cult movies

there are divers big bluefrappadingues of the steering wheel production place Need for Speed Where Fast and furious. And then – often fallen – gods of boxing rings. Robert DeNiro (horny bull), Tom Hardy (Fighter), Sylvester Stallone (Cliff). Dazzling ascents, resounding adventures, painful defeats… Cinematographic epics that tell the story of sport. Their joys, their sorrows. his mind.

In short, we had a lot to do this year on Amazon’s SVOD service, question contests, squeaky suspense, and flash reversals. What awaits us in 2023? A new Nadal-Djokovic? World records, a resounding classic? We cross fingers. And meet at Prime Video.

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