Le Puy-en-Velay: 9-year-old young golfer Alex Langrené will attend the Venice Open

Tuesday, August 16 will mark the big departure of Alex Langrené and his father for the Venice Open. The 9-year-old golfer is about to enter his first international competition. Thanks to his excellent overall standings at this year’s US Kids of Lyon Local Tour, he will have the chance to compete against twenty-seven American, Russian and Italian players…
He is the first Altiligérien to participate in this tournament and the only one from Haute-Loire to go there. And the program is well tuned. Tuesday, arrival in Italy. Wednesday, exploration of the route. Then the tournament on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. “I can’t wait to go,” says the playful little golfer. Since he was 9 years old, he has been followed by sponsors who provide financial assistance to his parents to buy equipment and pay for shipping costs during competitions.

A father-son passion

His father, Dorian Langrené, proudly says, “I brought golf clubs from Spain and when Alex saw them, he immediately knew what they were for.” He carefully hid videos of his three-year-old son, armed with a plastic stick, on his phone.Alex and his father attend father-son tournaments at the Chambon-sur-Lignon golf course on Sundays.

Alex also got his start in golf with his trainer, Théo Thomas, who owns the Le Puy golf course and has followed him ever since. His father, the president of Puy golf school, is also a big enthusiast. “When he was younger, when I finished my course and had a drink, Alex would sit on the sidelines and practice for hours,” says the father of the family.
The young competitor is accompanied by his father at every tournament, “Results are really important to Alex. So when competition gets bad, I step it up,” says Dorian Langrené. Generally, tournaments start on Friday and last all weekend. Alex’s father assures him: “If parents don’t get involved, it’s too complicated for teenagers”.
But the little golfer also says he “plays better than dad,” while giving him a knowing look. And the boy who is already preparing to return to CM2 also conveys his passion. “I train my little brother at home,” she says proudly. For Langrenes, Golf is a family affair!

The new Tiger Woods spot?

At this age, most kids don’t yet know what to do with life, but Alex is sure of it: “I’m going to be a professional golfer when I grow up”. And the young man does everything to make this dream come true, he does not hesitate to upload his program: 4 hours of swimming a week, 8 hours of golf, 2 of which are private lessons, and 45 minutes of jogging on Sunday morning with his father.
Physical preparation is very important, as 18-hole courses take an average of 4.5 hours. From the tenth hole, fatigue begins and that’s when physical preparation makes the difference. Also, this year, Alex was part of the category of twelve-year-olds in the category “youngsters who are a head taller than they are and send the ball fifty yards away,” says Dorian Langrené.Alex hits an average of eight hours a week at the Le Puy golf course. Photo by Benjamine Lobier Milliat

The young hope of the golf club’s sports association nevertheless won a trophy this summer awarded by the Department of Olympics and Sports (Cdos). He also joined the regional center of hope of the Golf du Gouverneur in Lyon. “It is complicated for a child to have a sporting future in France, because nothing is right,” his father realizes over time. Not enough to deter the young pontoon. Dorian Langrené hopes his son can make it to the top twenty in the Venice tournament, but the competitor plans to finish in the top ten!
And it’s not really motivation that’s missing. When asked what he wants to do if he can’t become a pro golfer, the answer is simple and clear: “I’ll train even harder to get there”, reassuring Alex with a scowl…

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