LBJÉQ’s regret champion

Led by Mathieu Granger, the Royal de Repentigny won the Quebec Junior Elite Baseball League title against the Charlesbourg Alouettes. During the last game in Repentigny, it was played in a full stadium with over 1000 spectators. With the stands full, hundreds of spectators filled the fence outside the Flavio-Pratta stadium to watch Game 7.

Photos courtesy of Edwin Hernandez, Alexandre Guay, Richard Aucoin

Royal de Repentigny won the Quebec Elite Junior Major League Baseball title.

The champions’ coaches Royal de Repentigny, Charles Lafortune, Mathieu Granger, Alexandre Guay, Fréderic Charlebois and their players made a nice gesture as they went to congratulate Alouettes’ Playoff MVP, Xavier Boutin.

Charlesbourg Alouettes’ playoff MVP, Xavier Boutin, was flanked by two career-ending LBJÉQ teammates, Samuel Fortier and Xavier Bilodeau.

The leaders of Royal, Dominique Lapensée, Dany Pratta and Richard Aucoin were dazzled by the support of the audience, while some were already standing in the “pickup box” of their trucks.

The 22-year-old Royal de Repentigny players who have played their last game at LBJÉQ include Michael Pavan, Samuel Campeau, Neftaly Severino Cronier, Gabriel Goulet and shooter Jacob Brault, who has a record 11-0.

Royal player Gabriel Goulet is surrounded by young fans and teammates Philippe Breton and Étienne Grondin-Harnois.

Joy and sadness heightened when we saw Playoff MVP Xavier Boutin and his parents Mélanie Renaud and Steeven Boutin mourn the defeat of the Charlesbourg Alouettes and celebrate their son’s candidacy.

Charlesbourg’s manager and former Blue Jays assistant coach Josue Peley and Repentigny’s Mathieu Granger are proud of the spectacle the players put on.

Pier-Alexandre Bernier, Governor of Charlesbourg Alouettes, whom we saw with his daughter Chloé Bernier, wanted to underline the support of the board members and especially the excellent performance of the players.

Continuing his training to become a firefighter, Ian Lavigne is with Philippe Brousseau.

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